A study on effective teaching of mechanical drawing


  Mechanical Drawing is a professional basic course for mechanical majors, and the quality of teaching will directly affect the students’ learning of subsequent professional courses. However, the lack of effectiveness of mechanical drawing teaching in secondary school is very serious, and the phenomenon of “teachers are tired of teaching, students are tired of learning” is very common in teaching.

The main reasons for the lack of effectiveness are.
1, students have no confidence in their own learning ability.
2, the teacher’s teaching concept lags behind.
3, teachers’ teaching methods are single, and they do not adopt suitable methods for the characteristics of secondary school students.

This requires us to carry out reform in teaching practice, improve the effectiveness of teaching, implement the concept of effective teaching, improve the inefficient status quo of teaching mechanical drawing in secondary school, and give students real improvement.

  Realize the effective teaching of drafting teaching with new perspective

  1, effective teaching should be supported by emotional factors

  The so-called “effective”, whether students have progress or development is an important indicator of the effectiveness of teaching. Teaching is effective, not whether the teacher has taught the content, but whether the students have learned anything or whether the students have learned well. It has been proven through practice that achieving effective teaching first requires students to trust their teachers and believe they can succeed in order to dive into their studies.

The teacher’s understanding and evaluation of students largely determines the success or failure and effectiveness of teaching. The teacher’s trust, expectation and affirmation of students is a kind of educational power, which is conducive to promoting students’ progress and development.

Usually in dealing with students, teachers and students sincerely treat each other, give students a little more love, a little more tolerance, a little more smiling face, a little more patience, students will be close to their teachers, trust the teacher. In teaching more opportunities for students to show themselves, more students to get success, more students to experience the joy of success after their own efforts; students will believe in themselves, a good teacher-student relationship can make students have a good mood to face learning, into effective learning state.

  2、Use a variety of teaching methods to develop students’ ability to learn mechanical drawing

  American psychologist (Howard Gardner) proposed in the 1980s (The Theory of Multiple Intelligences) that human intelligence is not monistic, but multiple, and everyone has at least seven intelligences, namely, linguistic intelligence – the ability to listen, speak, read and write; the ability to speaking, reading, and writing skills.
Mathematical and logical intelligence – the ability to reason effectively using mathematics.
Musical intelligence – the ability to perceive, discriminate, remember, change and express music
spatial intelligence – the ability to perceive the visual-spatial world accurately
physical-motor intelligence – the ability to use the whole body well
interpersonal intelligence – the ability to get along and interact with people
Self-awareness intelligence – the ability to recognize, understand, and reflect on oneself.

The combination of these seven intelligences in each person in different ways and to different degrees makes each person’s intelligence unique, and it is because of the different types of intelligence combination that each person’s learning type and function type are unique, which requires us to understand the characteristics of secondary school students comprehensively and correctly, and adopt various teaching forms to effectively cultivate students’ learning.

  Methods of teaching practice

  1、Group learning method

  In the teaching process, in order to create a relaxed environment for students to participate in teaching, actively borrow the German “dual system”, teaching mode. The class will be divided into several team groups, each group of about 6 students. The classes are grouped to optimize teaching quality and increase student participation in the classroom. Practice has proved that building project group learning has enhanced students’ learning enthusiasm and self-confidence.

  2、Multimedia teaching method

  The use of multimedia in teaching to collect and produce teaching materials can depict three-dimensional graphics from multiple directions, angles and sides, show the variety, variability and complexity of the shape of the machine, solve the visual differences between flat three-dimensional graphics and real three-dimensional graphics, thus expanding the space of students’ perception and deepening the level of students’ understanding. With the help of multimedia, students store more information, thus better cultivate the ability of graphic literacy and analysis.

  3、Project teaching method

  There are many forms of project teaching method, among which is task-based, in which a project is determined and given to students in the form of a task, students have to think and operate, and also have to solve the problems encountered, which improves students’ learning motivation and problem-solving ability.

For example, “drawing and view of coherent line” is a difficult point in mechanical drawing, so we use the task-based project teaching method to give students the task of drawing and reading the coherent line, and organize students to use Play-Doh, radish, etc. to make models or collect coherent bodies in daily life.

Then students are asked to observe the shape of the coherent line, and then to classify and draw and explain the ideas and results of this project group, and the teacher finally makes a comprehensive assessment on the completion of each group’s project. This student-centered teaching method, which emphasizes students’ independent learning, stimulates their ability of active thinking.

  4、Game-based teaching

  The game-based teaching method refers to the use of games in teaching as much as possible, transforming the boring language phenomenon into a lively and interesting game form that students are happy to accept, and creating a harmonious, interesting and rich language communication situation for students, which is very suitable for secondary school students. Game teaching can make all students participate in teaching and can better achieve the effectiveness of teaching.

For example, dimensioning and graphical expression are two equally important parts of mechanical drawing. In the teaching process, graphic expression is relatively intuitive, and as long as the spatial concept is established, it is easier for students to understand and master.

The practicality of dimensioning is too strong, and the content related to it is extensive, which is not easy to grasp in teaching. In order to improve the teaching effect, based on the traditional teaching methods such as lecture method, comparative teaching method and demonstration teaching method, we try to use the game teaching, let each member of the project team play each dimension of the dimension chain, play the dimension boundary, dimension line, dimension number, etc., so that they can clarify their roles and tasks, we have background music in the game teaching, to stimulate learning enthusiasm, active participation, active construction, so that Students mastered the course content without knowing it, and achieved a better teaching effect.


  Regarding the current situation of teaching in secondary schools, we should not only complain about the poor quality of students, but also recognize the root cause of the poor teaching effect, seriously analyze the characteristics of secondary students, research and practice various teaching methods purposefully under the guidance of effective teaching concept, and extend the effective experience to other courses to really improve the teaching quality of secondary schools.

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