Artificial Intelligence Promotes the Educational Innovation (II)

The emergence of AI has not only changed the way of life, but also has an undoubted influence on various industries. In the field of education, the latest analysis of the 2018 China Online Education Industry White Paper recently released by relevant analysts shows that the number of online education users in China is expected to reach 296 million in 2020. The outstanding advantages of online education are flexible and convenient, combined with AI, VR, AR and other technologies to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users, making up for the shortcomings of traditional offline education. The report also analyzes that the development of artificial intelligence technology will promote the popularization of personalized online education.Click Here For More.

“Under the core drive of artificial intelligence technology, the revolution in the field of education will present a lot of things to look at in the future.” The industry is also showing great expectations for the application of AI technology in the field of education. Information shows that technological innovation is bringing great changes to the online education industry. “Artificial Intelligence + Education” has become the key word of the online education industry in 2018. Face recognition technology, personalized recommendation, AI teacher, AI assistant education and other artificial intelligence technologies have begun to be applied to the multiple scenarios of online education to continuously improve the user experience.

Click Here For More. Artificial intelligence significantly improves the level of education governance. The in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the field of education management will make management services more intelligent. The intelligence of education management can effectively support the separation of education, management and evaluation, improving the level of public service of education and promoting the modernization of education and governance systems. Based on the artificial intelligence of educational big data, through the data collection, modeling, intelligent analysis and systematic analysis of the education and teaching process, the scientific decision-making of education and the precision of resource allocation are realized.

Artificial intelligence has completely changed the role of teachers. The deep integration of artificial intelligence and education has given the teacher’s role a new era connotation. Artificial intelligence does not directly replace teachers, but through the combination of “human-tech”, teachers can be freed from heavy knowledge transfer and engage in more creative moral education and ability development. The requirements of teachers’ ability in the intelligent era have also undergone tremendous changes. The requirements for teachers’ information literacy have been upgraded to an unprecedentedly important position. The teacher’s ability standards will be redefined and the professional requirements for teachers will be fully updated.Click Here For More.

Artificial intelligence has been widely used in all walks of life, but its application in education is still in its infancy. There are still a series of theoretical and practical problems such as the mechanism, implementation route and teacher strength of artificial intelligence on education to be solved. Colleges and universities have rich intellectual resources and academic support, which should play an important role in this process. We should strengthen research and practice in the integration of new technologies and education such as artificial intelligence, and help China’s education modernization to be realized at an early date.

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