Benefits of Skipping Rope

People always sayskipping for 10 minutes equals running for 30 minutes, No matter whether it is right, it is undeniable that the workout of skipping rope is not worse than running. Because skipping has more skills relative to jogging, it has a lot of exercise for human coordination and brain health.

Skipping is an aerobic exercise that has all the benefits of aerobic exercise, including promoting blood circulation, strengthening the body’s functions of heart and lung, and making people more energetic and spiritual, also making your cardiovascular system healthier. Skipping also can reduce fat, which allows the excess fat in the legs and buttocks to be quickly eliminated, making the whole body muscles more and more strong, and the whole body feels brisk. At the same time, this is also an aerobic exercise, so we can still maintain a good body. When you skip the rope, you need to hold your hands tightly and your feets should cooperate with your hands. It has a good exercise effect on the balance and coordination of your brain. It has a long-term effect on the health of the brain, too.

Refers to conducive to the heart, many people wonder how the skipping is good for the heart. In fact, skipping can improve our cardiovascular system and respiratory system. At the same time, to improve memory, many people have this habit when skipping, that is counting, in fact, we do not know, while counting, we also maintain the process of cerebral cortex excitement, the cerebral cortex will pass these messages to our brain, so during the long time, it is also very helpful for our memory.

To relieve cervical lumbar pain! Office workers sit in front of the computer every day, and they rarely exercise. After a long day, many white-collar workers feel back pain. If you can skip after work every day, it is very helpful to relieve back pain. Prevent osteoporosis! Skipping can also prevent osteoporosis, because skipping can promote bone cell metabolism, prevent bone softening, and increase bone strength, but if the amount of exercise is too large, it may damage bones and joints.


Perhaps many urban people are familiar as well as unfamiliar with skipping ropes. Familiarity is because skipping is a simple exercise, many people know about it; unfamiliar are that most people do not carry out this exercise. In fact, there are many benefits to stick skipping rope every day.

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