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Hi, Financial Risk Manager(I)

Financial Risk Manager FRM is a qualification certification in the field of global financial risk management developed by the Global Association of Risk Management Professionals (GARP) of the United States. GARP is one of the world’s largest financial associations with 48,000 FRM holders and 150,000 members from more than 150 countries, serving more than 7,500 banks, securities companies, academic institutions, government agencies, asset management agencies, insurance companies and non-financial companies.check here


Risk management covers many fields, including quantitative analysis, market risk,check here credit risk, operational risk, fund investment risk, accounting, law, etc. In today’s complex and rapidly changing financial markets, risk is often difficult to grasp.

When financial market is in trouble or crisis occurs, effective risk management often becomes an important key to the success of enterprises. This important decision-making, which concerns the fate of enterprises and their investors, requires the participation of many financial risk management professionals. check here Therefore, FRM has been paid more and more attention. The number of global applicants has grown by more than 38% annually, and it has become an international risk management certificate that attracts worldwide attention.


The Benefits of Mountaineering, You Must Know(I)

Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise. The air in the mountain is unusually fresh. It is beneficial to improve the lung ventilation, increase vital capacity, improve the function of the lungs, and at the same time enhance the contractility of the heart. The bumpy mountain road is beneficial to improve the balance function of human body and enhance the coordination ability of limbs. Especially when walking on the non-step road without artificial modification, it can make human muscle fiber thicker, muscular development, and enhance the flexibility of limbs. In addition, overlooking from the top of the mountain can relieve the fatigue of eye muscles and relax the nervous brain. Now you should know how cool the mountaineering is! As gathering of benefits of mountaineering will show below,check here

Good effect for near-sight

One of the easiest ways to treat myopia is to look at the distance and relax the muscles of the eyes. However, due to industrial pollution and heat island effect, there are more particulate suspended matter in the air and poor visibility in cities. In the mountains, check here especially on the top of the mountain, can make the eyes to infinite distance, relieve the fatigue of eye muscles.

Improving lung function

The area of primitive forest and grassland in the mountains is far from that of green plants in cities. check here Therefore, walking in the mountains is beneficial to improve lung ventilation, increase vital capacity, improve lung function, and at the same time enhance the contractility of the heart.

Reference To Self-build House, You Have To Know(I)

Reference to self-build house, how much you know about it? So what different between self-build house and buying house? The most of people will consider to build own house, home with these trouble questions above mention. Well, below is a brief summary of some standard additional services that your local office may provide, meanwhile services and participation vary from place to place. Good suggestion as contact them directly and ask about the services they provide.check here


The factors and services you need to consider

Land Purchase Evaluation

Plan Design

Site Planning

Budget Planning check here

Green Building

Materials Selection

How you will use information through the register

By registering and registering your interests, you will help us learn more about the need for self-built and customized land in related region, where people want their land to be or the type of house they want to build.

This information will be used to explore how people and conspiracy may be combined. However,check here  registration does not guarantee the identification or provision of suitable plots.

Leading You To Understand OOP(II)

The content of Object-Oriented

  • Class – it defines the abstract characteristics of a thing. Class definition includes the form of data and the operation of data.
  • Object – it is instances of classes.check here
  • The member variable – is defined as a variable within the class. The value of the variable is invisible to the outside world, but it can be accessed through member functions. After the class is instantiated as an object, the variable can be called the attribute of the object.
  • The member function – is defined within the class and can be used to access the data of the object.
  • Inheritance – inheritance is a mechanism for subclasses to automatically share parent data structures and methods, which is a relationship between classes. When defining and implementing a class, it can be done on the basis of an existing class, taking the content defined by the existing class as its own content, and adding some new content. (Its keyword as Extend.)
  • The parent class – a class is inherited by other classes, check here which can be called a parent class, a base class, or a superclass.
  • Subclass – A class that inherits other classes is called a subclass, or a derived class.
  • Abstraction Abstraction – refers to the abstraction of objects with consistent data structures (attributes) and behaviors (operations) into classes. A class is such an abstraction, which reflects the important properties related to application and ignores other irrelevant content. The division of any class is subjective, but it must be related to the specific application. (Its keyword as Abstract.)
  • Polymorphism – polymorphism refers to that the same function or method can act on many types of objects and obtain different results. Different objects can produce different results when they receive the same message. This phenomenon is called polymorphism.check here
  • Overload – Simply put, a function or method has the same name, but the list of parameters is different. Such functions or methods with the same name and different parameters are called overloaded functions or methods.
  • Encapsulation – the encapsulation refers to binding the attributes and behaviors of an object in the real world and placing them in a logical unit.

For Marketing, You Must Focused On Some Customer Demand Analysis(I)

As senior marketers, you have to grasp related market’s demand such as Negative Demand, No Demand, Latent Demand, Falling Demand, Irregular Demand, Full Demand, Overfull Demand, Unwholesome Demand, etc. These basic theory and practices may help marketers to plan correct marketing methods as tend to succession. The marketing plan according its demand analysis will be correct to depend on demand-orientation to help enterprises with successful future sales. Following is related customers’ demand analysis of description and explanation.check here

Negative Demand

Negative demand refers to the fact that many customers in the market do not like certain products or services. For example, many elderly people do not dare to eat dessert and fat to prevent various elderly diseases.check here For example, some customers do not dare to fly because they are afraid of taking risks, or they do not dare to buy chemical clothing because they are afraid of harming their health by toxic substances from chemical fibres and textiles.

The task of marketing management is to analyze why people don’t like these products, redesign products and order prices to meet the needs of target customers, make more active sales promotion, or change customers’ beliefs about certain products or services, such as promoting brain blood circulation by propagating that the elderly can eat sweets properly, check here and the probability of accidents by plane is relatively small.

Changing negative demand into positive demand is called changing marketing.

Recently Some “Unrest” In China(III)

A Man stabs 20 students in Beijing

So horrible news about a cruel man who stabs 20 students at primary school in downtown Beijing.check here

On Tuesday, a man stabbed 20 students in a primary school in Xicheng District of Beijing, causing three serious injuries.check here All the wounded were taken to hospital. Three seriously injured students showed signs of stable life without life-threatening conditions. The suspect is under control. The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Traditional Meal – Fried Rice with Soy Sauce(I)

I feel the most delicious food is about fried rice. No matter Chinese fried rice or Southeast Asia fried rice, both of them are my favorite. In fact, Fried rice with soy sauce is a home staple food. The main ingredients are rice (cold rice is better), with meat grains, eggs, onions and soy sauce fried until cooked. Fried rice with soy sauce can be added a little sour or spicy taste according to personal taste, and ingredients can also be added according to personal preferences. Today, showing you about recipe of fried rice with soy sauce.check here

About Soy Sauce

Soy, commonly known as soy sauce, is mainly brewed from soybean, check here wheat, salt through oil production, fermentation and other procedures. The ingredients of soy sauce are complex. Besides salt, there are also many kinds of amino acids, sugars, organic acids, pigments and spices. It is mainly salty, but also has delicious, fragrant and so on. It can increase and improve the taste of dishes, but also add or change the color of dishes. There are two kinds of soy sauce: dark soy sauce and light soy sauce: light soy sauce is more salty, and dark soy sauce is light taste, which is used to colour.

How to increase orders through Amazon(II)

One-click Buy Button

In order to prevent the consumers from abandoning the commodities in the shopping cart, Amazon has specially established a shopping system that allows consumers to purchase the products they need with only one click (after entering and saving the checkout, they only need to pay once and fill in the shipping information). As a result of this innovation, Amazon has achieved a very high conversion rate from its existing customers. Because customer payment and shipping information has been stored on Amazon’s servers. So the whole shopping process is very convenient and fast (just one click), so customers have no time to reconsider their buying behavior.Click Here For More.

As online shopping on mobile devices becomes more and more common, one-click shopping becomes more and more important. Because the mobile screen is very small, the more clicks you click on when purchasing, the lower your purchasing inclination. Amazon’s ‘one-click shopping’ advantage is that it omits the steps of filling in consumer information and credit card information, greatly facilitates the shopping process of customers, and improves the purchase conversion rate.

Amazon patented the technology in 1999, generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue. Eventually, Amazon’s ‘one-click purchase’ of patented technology was licensed to other e-commerce retailers, especially Apple.

Outdoor Sports And Jack Wolfskin(II)

About Jack Wolfskin features

Jack Wolfskin’s head office is located in Idstein, Taunus, Germany. As the main brand in the European outdoor merchandise’s market and the largest distributor in the German sporting products’ retail industry, Jack Wolfskin’s success depends not only on excellent innovation ability, product concept based on quality and customer demand, but also on market-leading product lines and distribution strategies, including continuous investment in brand image.Click Here For More.

In recent years, Jack Wolfskin has begun to explore new potential customers after establishing a high brand awareness among outdoor sports enthusiasts. For example, the people who like outdoor feeling and like to go out in any weather but have not used outdoor goods frequently so far.

The basic principle of Jack Wolfskin’s products is to combine the best functionality with the highest comfort. We firmly believe that outdoor sports should be fun and products should help users get comfortable outdoor experience. The whole product line includes functional clothing, appliances and shoes specially designed for outdoor sports, tourism and leisure, which are divided into “outdoor mountain climbing”, “travel hiking”, “urban outdoor”, “leisure wild fun” and other series.

Jack Wolfskin has created the necessary preconditions for sustainable development. More experts joined Edstein Headquarters, and the quality of employees was strengthened. In the next few years, Jack Wolfskin will push ahead with plans to expand the European market and expand the Asian market.

Watching out, About Disadvantages of Steel Structure(II)

Steel as good heat resistance but poor fire resistance

With the increase of temperature, the properties of steel gradually change. When the temperature is less than 250 C, the mechanical properties of the steel change very little. When the temperature reaches 250 C, the steel has brittle turning (called blue brittleness), creep between 260 320 C, and then the strength decreases gradually. When the temperature reaches 450 C, the strength decreases sharply, and when the temperature reaches 650 C, the strength decreases almost to zero. Therefore, the steel structure has certain heat resistance, but poor fire resistance.Click Here For More.

Poor corrosion resistance of steel, protective measures so important

Steel is easy to be rusted, and it is easier to be rusted by chemical reaction or electrochemical action in wet or corrosive medium environment. Therefore, steel structure must be treated with anti-corrosion. Generally, steel components can be coated with anti-corrosive paint after rust removal, but this protection measure is not once and for all, and needs to be repaired at intervals, so its maintenance cost is higher. For steel members with strong corrosive media, coastal buildings and very thin wall thickness, special treatment should be carried out such as galvanized, galvalume composite layer, etc. These measures will correspondingly increase the cost of steel structures.

Brittle fracture about steel structures under low temperature or other harsh conditions

In the negative temperature environment, the plasticity and toughness of steel gradually decrease. When it reaches a certain temperature, the toughness will suddenly drop sharply. It is called cold brittleness at low temperature, and the corresponding temperature is called critical brittleness temperature. Low temperature cold brittleness is also one of the main causes of accidents in some steel structure projects in winter. In addition, steel is easy to brittle fracture under repeated loading, complex stress, sudden loading, cold working, aging hardening, welding defects and other harsh conditions.