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MySQL Is Important For PHP(II)

How to understand MySQL

MySQL is a relational database. Click Here For More. This so-called “relational” can be understood as the concept of “table”. A relational database consists of one or more tables, such as a table shown in the figure:

  • Header: The name of each column;
  • Column: A collection of data with the same data type;
  • Row: Each row is used to describe the specific information of a record;
  • Value: The specific information of the row, each value must be the same as the data type of the column;
  • Key: The value of the key is unique in the current column;

How to install MySQL

Well, let us know how to install MySQL on Windows System. Actually installing MySQL on windows is really easy you may refer and download the link from Click Here For More.

After downloading, we decompressed the zip package to the corresponding directory, where I put the decompressed folder under C:\web mysql-8.0.11 Then we may consider to configure about configuration files of MySQL below,

Open the folder C:\web\mysql-8.0.11 after extract it well. Then the developers create my.ini configuration file under this folder, and edit my.ini configuration with the following basic information:

[mysql]  Click Here For More.

# Set the default character set for MySQL client end

Default-character-set = utf8


Setting Port 3306

Port = 3306

# Set up the installation directory of MySQL

Basedir = C:\\\web\mysql-8.0.11

# Set up the storage directory of MySQL database data, MySQL 8 + does not need the following configuration, the system can generate itself, otherwise it may report errors.

# dataDir = C:\\\\\ web\\ sqldata     Click Here For More.

Maximum number of connections allowed

Max_connections = 20

The character set used by the server defaults to 8-bit coded Latin1 character set

Character-set-server = utf8

Default storage engine to be used when creating new tables

Default-storage-engine = INNODB

The Information Security Issues in Internet of Things(II)

When we enjoy the convenience that the Internet of Things brings to life, Click Here For More. security issues have already occurred. During the meeting between US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un from June 11 to 12, 2018, the Singapore network suffered a cyber attack that attacked almost all computer systems from VoIP phones to IoT devices. In China, the security of the Internet of Things is also shocking. In 2017, security incidents such as “family camera intrusion” and “WiFi device WAP2 security protocol were cracked” were continuously released, and the security of the Internet of Things was pushed to the forefront. Just like the plot in the film, once a large-scale Internet of Things attack occurs, it may cause personal information leakage, property damage, and even personal safety.Click Here For More.

In addition, too centralization is also a problem facing the Internet of Things industry. Click Here For More. To put it bluntly, the information passed on the Internet of Things is still information. At present, almost all users’ usage information will be transmitted to the cloud. Once a problem occurs in the cloud, the privacy of all users will not be guaranteed. Finally, the amount of computing in the Internet of Things is huge. The more “connected” home appliances, the greater the amount of calculation. However, the current computing power of conventional computers cannot further satisfy the demand for computing power of the Internet of Things.

Industrial Internet Transformation – Microsoft (II)

Microsoft staged a successful industrial Internet transformation

The fact that Microsoft can climb from the bottom of the valley is actually due to its successful separate of the C-terminal business and personal computers, and the transition to the enterprise-level service market. In today’s words, it is the transition from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet, it is very good. This is also due to Microsoft’s organizational restructuring at the time. According to Microsoft’s organizational structure at the time, its business was divided into five pieces. They are like five small companies, each with its own sales, marketing and finance departments. Under such a structure, it is difficult to form a synergy inside, and the right to speak is in control of the Windows business that was still making money at that time. The strategic focus has also been around Windows.

In the past, Office was closed in its Windows system, just like today’s closed Apple ecosystem, and today’s Office is more open to support competitor platforms such as iPad, iPhone, and Android, which means Microsoft is moving to a new open model. Development has also expanded the broader source of profitability. Secondly, smart cloud computing is related to personal computers, and for a long time in the past, Microsoft’s main profit growth came from personal computers. Cloud computing was the world of Amazon at the time. After we watched it for a few more years, Microsoft’s 2017Q4 financial report showed that cloud service revenue increased by 89% year-on-year, which is the first engine of Microsoft’s revenue. And in 2017, Microsoft’s revenue from commercial cloud services reached $18.6 billion, surpassing Amazon’s $17.5 billion over the same period. Among them, Azure has become a star product in Microsoft cloud services, and has maintained a 90% quarterly growth rate. In the first quarter of FY18, Microsoft cloud service revenue reached 20 billion US dollars, surpassing 20% of total revenue for the first time. Among them, Azure cloud service revenue growth rate was 93%, surpassing Windows for the first time, and Microsoft broke its old path dependence.

In Fang Xingdong’s view, Microsoft’s successful transformation is another new legend in the high-tech field following the rescue of IBM by Gerstner in the mid-1990s. But in fact, Microsoft’s transformation is more like an inspirational story of a aging giant’s successful transformation into the industrial Internet. The domestic Internet giants generally have B-end anxiety, and the industrial Internet transformation is easy to say, but who can change faster, who can stand in a better position. Currently, from Google to Amazon to Apple, they are more often plagued by unusual market conditions, but their respective strengths and business foundations are very strong. Although Microsoft is relatively more stable, everyone in the future all has the no.1 possibility. However, for Microsoft, it is not important whether the market value is the first. What is important is that it has found a new direction and rhythm. It is more important than anything else to have a long-term hope and gradually get rid of growth anxiety.

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Discussion About C Language Structure

According to last post about syntactic structure of C Language structure, by this time let us discuss about routine structure. These expertise are really basic knowledge to learn before you engage in this industry or only the people are interested in programming. Well, routine structure normally has to refer to three parts such as judgement statement (selective structure), loop statement (loop structure) and goto statement (loop structure: loop or not loop).

Judgement statement (selective structure)

If statement: if…else;

Switch statement: switch…case;


  • Below, there is an example for this kinds of statement application. Please have a look,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){    int x = 20;    int y = 22;    if (x<y)    {        printf(“Variable x is less than y”);    }return 0;}


Output should be as below,

Variable x is less than y


Loop statement (loop structure)

While statement: while; Do…while;

For statement: for…


  • Let us to read about another example about Do…While statement such as Syntax of do-while loop.

#include <stdio.h>int main(){         int j=0;         do         {                 printf(“Value of variable j is: %d\n”, j);                 j++;         }while (j<=3);         return 0;}


Output should be as below,

Value of variable j is: 0Value of variable j is: 1Value of variable j is: 2Value of variable j is: 3


  • The next is about while statement below,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){    int i=0;    while(i==1)    {         printf(“while vs do-while”);    }printf(“Out of loop”);}


Output should be,

Out of loop


  • This is example about for statement below,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){   int i;   for (i=1; i<=3; i++)   {       printf(“%d\n”, i);   }   return 0;}


Output should be below,



Goto statement (loop structure: loop or not loop)

Goto statement: Break; continue; return;


  • Here we go, there is the example for goto statement below,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){   int sum=0;   for(int i = 0; i<=10; i++){         sum = sum+i;         if(i==5){            goto addition;         }   }   addition:   printf(“%d”, sum);    return 0;}


Output is about:



In this example, we write a label as addition, so when the value of i reach to 5, then according to goto statement it jumps to addition. So the final sum value would be 10+5 equals to 15.


Programming and Code Information.

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Hardware Components of Computer

Hardware components of computer is also called constituent parts in terminology of computer science. The most of people are good at applying computer software for work or playing game, but they seldom think about about components of computer. How is the personal computer constituted? Perhaps, these basic knowledge may help you to save a lot of cost when you repair it. Let us have a look about each hardware component.

Main Frame

The computer components commonly placed in the chassis are commonly referred to as “mainframe”. It is the most important part of the computer, and the main components, such as motherboard, CPU and hard disk, are in the mainframe.


The full name of CPU is the “central processing unit”, which is made of a gilded material. Its function in PC can be said to be equivalent to the role of the brain in the human body. All computer programs are run by it.


The motherboard is also called main-Board. It is actually a circuit board, all of which are all kinds of circuits. It can be said that the nervous system of the PC, meanwhile CPU, memory, display card, sound card and so on are directly installed on the motherboard, and hard disk, floppy drive and other components also need to be connected through the wiring to motherboard.


Compared with external memory such as disk, memory refers to the internal memory that CPU can read directly, mainly in the form of chips. Memory is also called “main store”. Memory chips are commonly seen as strip, also known as “RAM which need to be inserted in the memory slot on the motherboard to work. Another kind of memory is called “cache”, which is usually built into the CPU or motherboard.

Graphic Card

The graphic card (Display Card) is an important component connecting the monitor and the PC motherboard. It is inserted in the expansion slot on the motherboard. It is mainly responsible for converting (decoding) the display signals sent by the mainframe to general electrical signals, so that the display can understand what the PC is doing with it. The display cards also have memory, called “Display Memory” which will directly affect the display effects according to memory size, such as definition and color richness and so on.

Please read for more components of Computer

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