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Hello, Morning News World(I)

Morning time, Let us read some news from China. Here we go, reading news is always to help us to know more information from the world. Click Here For More. By this time, my post of China news is key information to read.

Railway trips for Spring Festival

China expects 413m railway trips for Spring Festival. Daily trips are expected to hit a record high of 10.33 million, the CRC said. China’s railway operators said on Friday that they expect more rail travel in the coming spring rush. According to data from China Railway Corporation (CRC), passengers are expected to take 413.3 million railways during the 40-day peak period from January 21 to March 1, up 8.3% from 31.8 million last year. Starting on Sunday, the tourists can buy tickets online or by telephone. In order to facilitate passengers, the railway department has optimized the online shopping system and improved the identification process. Every year during the Lunar New Year, hundreds of millions of Chinese return home to reunite with their families. The Chinese Lunar Year of Pigs will begin on February 5, 2019.

Food Therapy For Your Blood Vessel Cleaning(II)

Third, fish food. Because the saturated fat content in fish is low, unlike pork, which contains a lot of inferior fat, it is recommended to eat more fish if you would like to eat meat. Moreover, deep-water fish are also rich in W3 fatty acids, which can effectively reduce blood lipids, blood pressure and cholesterol.Click Here For More.

Causes of high blood fat

Medical indicators of high blood fat (hyperlipidemia) generally include triglyceride, cholesterol, etc. If these indicators exceed the normal range, they will be generally diagnosed as high blood fat, so prevention of high blood fat should start from a comprehensive perspective. The causes of hyperlipidemia can be classified as the primary causes of diseases affected by heredity, diet and living habits, and the secondary causes, i.e. it is caused by other diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Key food therapy

Through the diagnostic indicators of hyperlipidemia, we can see that high triglyceride and total cholesterol will affect the health of blood fat, so symptomatic treatment should also be carried out for these reasons.

Because these two indicators are high mainly due to unhealthy diet, we should control the intake of triglycerides and total cholesterol from the control of diet, reduce the intake of high-fat and high-fat food, avoid spicy, greasy, stimulating food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Paying attention for your food therapy and dietary.

News Around The World(II)

Teachers will be banned if abusing children

In Frida, the Ministry of Education in China said that any teacher caught abusing, molesting or sexually harassing students would be banned from teaching in any school.Click Here For More.

The Ministry of Education issued four statements on its website detailing the Ministry’s code of conduct, Click Here For More. in which it said that their teaching certificates, academic titles and honors would also be revoked, their information would be recorded in the National Teacher Information System, and no school would be allowed to hire them again. From kindergarten to university.

According to the Ministry of Education, teachers accused of crimes will be sent to law enforcement authorities, and schools that fail to monitor teachers or conceal their misconduct from the authorities will also be held accountable.

According to the report, Click Here For More. teaching ethics will be an integral part of all teachers’promotion or award-winning assessment, and teachers who violate ethics will not be eligible for promotion or higher academic titles.

Climate Change Protesters Block off London Bridges


On November 17, 2018, environmentalists from the Rebellion Movement Direct Action Organization demonstrated on Westminster Bridge in central London, England.Click Here For More.

Hundreds of protestors poured into central London, blocking major bridges in the capital and demanding that the government take climate change seriously. An organization called the Extinction Rebellion encouraged people to sit on bridges on Saturday as part of a nationwide coordinated week of action.

Metropolitan police said emergency vehicles were trapped in London due to the “blockade” of five bridges. The force said it had asked all the protestors to gather at Westminster Bridge, where officials could promote legitimate protests.

The Security of Cyberspace in the US (I)

Cyberspace has been regarded by the countries of the world as one of the important factors affecting national security, geopolitics, and even international political landscape.

In December 2017, US President Trump released a new version of the National Security Strategy, which rendered its “US priority” policy guidelines and outlined a plan of action to improve US national cybersecurity. The document states that the United States will “improve network tools within conflicts, protect US government assets and critical information infrastructure, and ensure the integrity of data and information.” It will also carefully study “opportunities for action against malicious actors in cyberspace.” The new version of the National Security Strategy further emphasizes the competitiveness of cyberspace, claiming that the United States will consider using various means to deter and defeat all cyberattacks against the United States and to implement cyber operations on the enemy’s side “on demand.” In November 2017, White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert revealed that the United States is planning to develop a new cybersecurity strategy, including: improving computer network security; using government resources to better protect critical information infrastructure; Space establishes good behavioral norms and punishes bad behavior. In December 2017, the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries in NATO member states indicated that they will formulate cyber war rules, guide the troops to deploy cyber-aggressive weapons more widely, and use cyber attacks to defeat enemy invasion. At the beginning of 2019, a consensus was reached on specific terms. According to the consensus reached by the defense ministers of NATO member states, the commander can apply for the use of cyber weapons when necessary.

The network defense budget has continued to grow year after year, and the cyberspace arms race has intensified.

In 2017, the U.S. budget for the network sector continued to grow, highlighting the eagerness of US to show its absolute advantage in cyberspace, Click Here For More. and an increasingly cyberspace arms race has been staged. In July 2017, the US House of Representatives passed the $660.5 billion National Defense Authorization Act of 2018. The Act contains a number of amendments related to cyberspace security, including a description of the measures needed to improve cyberattack capabilities and a ”Principle Statement on the Proper Deployment of Network Attack Capabilities”; updated April 2015 Department of Defense Network Strategy – “Specially develop a cyberattack strategy, including cyberattack capabilities, computer network exploits and cyberattacks to block air, land or maritime attacks from Russia and other adversaries”, and make the guidance document about bringing the network attack tools into the weapons depot of Ministry of National Defense and help NATO partners to formulate the ability of network attack.

In 2017, the United States continued to exert its strength in the organization and construction of cyberspace security, and the new network forces and command institutions were basically formed. In August 2017, US President Trump announced that he would upgrade the US Cyber Command to the tenth Joint Operations Command of the US Army, with the same status as the US Central Command, Strategic Command and other major combatant commands.

Reflection of the Big Fire in California(I)

The only way to avoid global warming is to achieve ”negative emissions”. The low-carbon action advocated by environmental protection organizations should not be just a slogan. It is the best way for human beings to save themselves.

On November 8, a mountain fire ignited in California, the world’s most deadly fire in California history. According to the “Associated Press” report, as of local time November 16, this raging fire has caused 74 deaths, 1011 missing, more than 10,000 houses destroyed, and nearly 300,000 people evacuated in the United States. The tragedy, and the fire has burned for at least a dozen days, the situation is quite pessimistic. The burning fire makes the beautiful paradise a human purgatory. The fire fighters’ most worried about now is more than 1,000 people missing. The high temperature of the fire can melt even the steel. These people may have turned into ashes… The people who fled their homes and drove through the sea of fire. The sights that we have only seen in Hollywood movies. The scene is so real, but it is so incredible.

What is even more worrying is that the nuclear waste field in the Southern California Valley belongs to the coverage of the mountain fire, which is likely to cause leakage of toxic substances from nuclear waste and spread with the smoke. What were human done to their homes?

Although the fire was not the largest in American history, it was the largest number of deaths and missing persons. “There was a wildfire before, and everyone didn’t think it would be different this time. When we started to run away, it was really late.”

Nichole Jolly is a nurse at the hospital. After the fire started, they only had 20 minutes to evacuate the patient. The ambulance that filled with the patient left, she could only drive her own car. But just entering the car, she was surrounded by wildfire. “The fire almost burned out the oxygen. I couldn’t breathe. My clothes, shoes and everything around me were almost melting. There were smoke and ash everywhere. I think my internal organs are almost melting.” Fortunately, just When Nichole had nowhere to go, there was a fire truck suddenly appeared in front of him. The fireman asked her to climb up and she was saved. “At that time, I thought I would never see the children again. But still many people did not run out.”


Everything in “Heaven” was annihilated in the fire, leaving only the desolate and the smoke that covered the sky. In Southern California, the mountain fires along the strong winds, covered all the way to the city of Malibu on the coast of Los Angeles.

It is home to many wealthy and star mansions who love the magnificent sea views and the beaches. But when we face the anger of nature, they are no different from ordinary people. In front of the disaster, we hid behind the screen and sighed. But the extreme weather that is constantly appearing in the world – hurricanes, droughts, typhoons, high temperatures, heavy rains – is warning us: humans are really at the most critical time!

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American Bomb Kill Kid, Trump Denis Bomb Issue

President Trump has been debated recently over the issue of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. In an interview, US President Trump said the Saudi-led coalition used US-made weapons to kill civilians in Yemen because the attackers “would not use weapons correctly”.

Trump Reply

Asked whether he was troubled by the Saudi coalition’s use of US bombs to kill Yemeni civilians, Trump responded that the attack was a “terror show” and said it “did not cause him enough trouble,” the British Guardian reported when Trump interviewed with USA Media Axios. He also attributed the most fundamental cause of the attack to user’s failure.


“Basically because of those who do not know how to use the weapons, this is terrible, “Trump on August in Yemen in the vicinity of the attacks and said,” I will talk to the Saudis, but I certainly will not let those who do not know how to use weapons to shoot the bus carrying children”.


In the weeks following Kasuji’s disappearance, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the Saudi interpretation of the case. “I’m not satisfied with what I heard, but I do not want to lose all the investment [in Saudi Arabia], I do not want to lose a million jobs and $11 million.”


Foreign Media

According to the report from overseas websites, Saudi coalition forces attacked a school bus in northern Yemen on August 9, local time, killing at least 51 people, including 40 children, most aged between 6 and 11.


The ammunition used by the Allied forces in Saudi Arabia came from the US arms sales approved by the State Council. The weapon that caused the attack was a 500-pound (227-kilogram) laser-guided MK82 bomb, produced by Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the United States. In September, under constant pressure from the international community, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen admitted that the attack on school buses was unjustified.

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The Brazil Robbers Carried 25 Hostages But No Casualties

This new is from Brazil. 5 of local robbers carried 25 hostages as arm in arm for nearly 1 kilometers of journey.


On Oct. 13, a hostage-taking incident took place in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazon state. Attempted robbers drove 25 hostages to serve as oversized human shields. Then the police acted decisively to kill the 5 of gangsters, 25 of the hostages no casualties, how miracle it is!

Main Content

At about 1:30 p.m. on the 13th in Brazil, a surveillance video of a lottery store in the city showed five armed suspects attacking a shop, which was packed with people paying their bills and participating in lottery activities. Vicious gangsters not only carry guns, but also carry flame lamps and gasoline. They threatened that if the robbery could not succeed, the building would be burned to death. The robbers ordered the cashier to hand over the income of the day, and asked the customers in the shop to hand over all his belongings. Another gunman pointed a gun at the cashier and forced him to hit the safety glass partition with a sledgehammer.


After receiving the alarm from nearby residents, the police arrived at the scene within minutes, and dozens of elite commandos and special forces snipers closely monitored the scene meanwhile police office also sent helicopter as aerial surveillance. One police negotiator tried to persuade the hostage-takers to release the hostages and stop the crime, but the gangsters refused. They asked the police to provide a car for them to escape, a lawyer to call in, and even asked the police to provide drugs to “calm their anger.”


Surrounded by the police, the gangsters thought of a strange trick to escape. The five criminals forced 25 hostages into a shield, arm in arm. They hid behind the hostages, forcing them to circle and shooting at the police, trying to break out of the police encirclement. The hostages walked arm in arm across the urban area and traveled nearly 1 kilometers.


On the one hand, the expert special police force snipers closely monitor the criminals. On the another hand, polices with shield tracked the criminals. At first, the special police force did not fight back at the gunmen, but only signaled to the hostages as hint that they were lying down together. In a moment, some hostages fell down, at the same time some scattered to shelter such as nearby vehicle. At that time, the special polices and the snipers on the roof fired at the same time. After fierce gunfire, 4 gangsters were killed, but all hostages were intact. One another gangsters were caught alive by the police after being forced into a blind alley.

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Jose Mourinho and Paul Labile Pogba

Jose Mourinho’s confrontation with Paul Pogba came to the fore, and Mourinho publicly stripped the French mid-fielder of his role as deputy captain, while Paul Pogba made it clear that he wanted to go to Barcelona. Daily Mail reporters have debated who will leave Manchester United first between Pogba and Mourinho, the most of people will favor Jose Mourinho’s departure because of his poor record recently.

Opinion from JACK GAUGHAN

As things go on, both of them may leave Manchester United, but Jose Mourinho’s situation is more critical. He has not been able to lead the team to a consistent and good performance. No matter what you think of Paul Pogba, not being able to score at Old Trafford can be an overwhelming problem. Woodward certainly wants to keep Pogba as long as possible, but it’s still not clear how far he can go.



Paul Pogba is a disaster, obviously a black sheep, he has always been like this however Jose Mourinho is also the same.


A key difference is that Manchester United may still believe that Pogba has potential and value to make use of. If the Frenchman wants to transfer because of Mourinho, then things may change. If Paul Mourinho choose to go and Pogba are willing to stay, then Manchester United must want to keep the world-class player because there are not many such players at Manchester United team.



It was a regrettable period for Manchester United, with the manager setting a negative tone, starting with the messy preparation period of season.


Paul Pogba couldn’t go anywhere until January, so he is sure to stay at Old Trafford for at least three months. Jose Mourinho, however, is likely to leave before Christmas, and if that happens, it won’t be a surprise now.



Barcelona team needs Pogba and Pogba wants to go to Barcelona, all signs point to his departure. But there’s a long way to go before the January transfer or the deal doesn’t happen until summer. But before Manchester United has the chance to sell Pogba, the bad match’s result might have Mourinho leave from team earlier.

Different from CHRIS WHEELER

Pogba has made clear to Manchester United that he wants to transfer to Barcelona no matter who is the manager. Despite the breakdown of Pogba’s relationship with Mourinho, this is not the main reason he wants to leave Manchester United and the club knows it.

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