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Post- 90s, parents have begun to educate their children to “take precautions” (I)

A survey shows that Chinese parents are more anxious, academic achievement, campus safety, and mobile addiction become the main cause of parental anxiety.

On September 16th, the China Parent Education Anxiety Index Survey Report showed that Chinese parents are generally in an anxious state. Children are most anxious in kindergarten and primary school, entering junior high school, high school and university. Then there is a downward trend. The report was conducted from 70 to 90 parents and 3,205 valid questionnaires. The survey covered four aspects: social environment, educational resources, family relationships and parental growth. check here The report shows that academic performance, campus safety, and mobile addiction have become the three main causes of parental anxiety. The survey found that more than half of the parents were anxious about the influence of the school district. After 90, parents began to educate their children to ”take precautions”; after 80, the ”second child” anxiety was at a high level; 75% of parents felt highly anxious about their own development.

Nearly half of the surveyed parents said that acceptable education costs are 40% of household income. In terms of gender comparison, Chinese mothers spend more time and energy than their fathers in their children’s education. Mothers are more willing to pay higher fees for their children’s education. Nearly 70% of parents recognize extracurricular training, and 45% of parents are optimistic about “online + offline” integration teaching mode; 90% of parents believe that soft power is more important than scores, pay attention to the comprehensive ability of children.check here

“The core of solving family education anxiety is to restore the child to a person with independent personality. In the face of children, parents need to know the unique characteristics of the child, accept the child’s imperfections, respect the child’s independent ideas, and support the child’s reasonable decision. Appreciate the results of your child’s efforts and care for your child’s sensitive mind.” In the “2018 First International Education Parents Meeting”, Dr. Zhang Yijun, a famous psychologist and emotional intelligence education expert, analyzed the main cause of parental anxiety: “The main reason for most parents’ anxiety is that their inner self is not strong enough to lose their education direction in many comparative environments. In order to lose control of one’s own emotions, they begin to become anxious. In addition, anxiety makes parents rarely encourage children,check here and it is easy for children to fall into inferiority and become difficult to integrate into the group.”

“As part of the education system, educational institutions need to bring education that is more in line with the quality of education to children through our products and services, and together with schools and families to become a strong educational community. To achieve better results, We must help our children to expand their learning ability so that they can continue to expand and supplement themselves in the face of new knowledge. In addition to the knowledge of a certain subject, we must pay attention to the growth that affects the child’s life.”

American Educational Concept(II)

Education goes hand in hand with religion, and education is as important as religion. Americans’ emphasis on education has reached the same level of loyalty as their religious beliefs. In 1620, the first European immigrants arrived in the Americas aboard the “Mayflower”, landing in what is now Boston, Massachusetts. Nowadays, the number “1620” is written on a stone when it landed in advance, which is a reminder of this serious event. At that time, the immigrants had a very difficult life, but since 1620, they had built schools and teaching in the field at the same time, and established Harvard University in 1636. As a result, Harvard teachers are proud of it now.

They think that school is the source of education and the only way for a group to move from barbarism to civilization. Education can eliminate many disadvantages of animal nature. This idea was deeply rooted in the people a century and a half before the birth of the United States. Education, like religion, is a belief concept, which has a very important impact on American education. For this reason, the government and the people’s views on education are not stopped as a genuine utilitarian purpose. People of America have religious loyalty to education.Click Here For More.

The Education is the pillar of society

The Americans and the American government think that the United States is like a building, which has three pillars: government, religion and education.

The United States has a complete education system and sound system, each state has its own characteristics. In particular, nearly 4,000 universities of all kinds, private, public and church, are of various colors; before the birth of the United States of America, education in the thirteen colonies had its own characteristics and scale.


Artificial Intelligence Promotes the Educational Innovation (II)

The emergence of AI has not only changed the way of life, but also has an undoubted influence on various industries. In the field of education, the latest analysis of the 2018 China Online Education Industry White Paper recently released by relevant analysts shows that the number of online education users in China is expected to reach 296 million in 2020. The outstanding advantages of online education are flexible and convenient, combined with AI, VR, AR and other technologies to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users, making up for the shortcomings of traditional offline education. The report also analyzes that the development of artificial intelligence technology will promote the popularization of personalized online education.Click Here For More.

“Under the core drive of artificial intelligence technology, the revolution in the field of education will present a lot of things to look at in the future.” The industry is also showing great expectations for the application of AI technology in the field of education. Information shows that technological innovation is bringing great changes to the online education industry. “Artificial Intelligence + Education” has become the key word of the online education industry in 2018. Face recognition technology, personalized recommendation, AI teacher, AI assistant education and other artificial intelligence technologies have begun to be applied to the multiple scenarios of online education to continuously improve the user experience.

Click Here For More. Artificial intelligence significantly improves the level of education governance. The in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the field of education management will make management services more intelligent. The intelligence of education management can effectively support the separation of education, management and evaluation, improving the level of public service of education and promoting the modernization of education and governance systems. Based on the artificial intelligence of educational big data, through the data collection, modeling, intelligent analysis and systematic analysis of the education and teaching process, the scientific decision-making of education and the precision of resource allocation are realized.

Artificial intelligence has completely changed the role of teachers. The deep integration of artificial intelligence and education has given the teacher’s role a new era connotation. Artificial intelligence does not directly replace teachers, but through the combination of “human-tech”, teachers can be freed from heavy knowledge transfer and engage in more creative moral education and ability development. The requirements of teachers’ ability in the intelligent era have also undergone tremendous changes. The requirements for teachers’ information literacy have been upgraded to an unprecedentedly important position. The teacher’s ability standards will be redefined and the professional requirements for teachers will be fully updated.Click Here For More.

Artificial intelligence has been widely used in all walks of life, but its application in education is still in its infancy. There are still a series of theoretical and practical problems such as the mechanism, implementation route and teacher strength of artificial intelligence on education to be solved. Colleges and universities have rich intellectual resources and academic support, which should play an important role in this process. We should strengthen research and practice in the integration of new technologies and education such as artificial intelligence, and help China’s education modernization to be realized at an early date.

Try to Establish a Complete Educational System (III)

Thirdly, integrating labor education into the requirements of comprehensive development

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to carry forward the labor spirit among the students, educate and guide students to advocate labor and respect labor. When they grow up, they can work hard and work honestly.

This is the requirement of combining education and productive labor and social practice in the new era, further enriching the party’s educational policy and has a strong realistic pertinence. Labor is the essential activity of mankind. The Chinese dream of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream is fundamentally achieved by labor and by the struggle of laborers. On the one hand, it is necessary to vigorously carry forward the labor spirit among the students and carry out the theme of “love working”; on the other hand, it is necessary to closely combine the actual conditions and actively create conditions to enable students to penetrate the front line of labor and social life in factories and rural areas, and participate in earnest.

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Parents’ Problems in the Education of Children(II)

Too strict, love children is not the reason of too strict

It is good for children to be strict with discipline, but sometimes it may be too harsh, on the contract, it will counterproductive. In the past few years, the “Tiger-mother” education type was popular. Many parents to “spoil the child sticks the following” for the rearing creed, and they were considered to be good for their children. They were too harsh on their children. Treating your child’s test scores as the only or maximum concern, thus inhibiting the child’s nature, using the child as a victim of parental spirit, imposing and placing the parents’ wishes and expectations on the child, and abducting the parents’ regrets on the child .

It is the expectation for parents to hope their children can become dragon and phoenix, but excessively strict is definitely not an education method that should be encouraged and promoted. Even if the “Tiger-mother” education improves the children’s academic performance, even if it is admitted. To enter a good university, that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely right. It doesn’t mean the success of your child’s life and education.

Too strict, it is easy to cause children’s psychological and behavioral distortions, and even impact on their mind, or cause the child to lack the ability of independent thinking, or to create a barrier between the child and the parent, resulting in confrontation and rebellion. Children are not machines, they need independent thinking and their own opinion. “Submissive”, “cramming”, and “clubbing” education, will deprive their children of their thoughts and thoughts although they will obey the authority of their parents,. What’s more, It causes a strong confrontation between the child and the parents, especially with the increase of age, the increase of rebellious psychology in adolescence will also increase, your improper handling will cause the child to suppress the psychological outburst, and even make the child become your enemy. So if we too strict to our children, what problems will bring us?

  1. It is not conducive to correcting children’s mistakes. Being too strict may have the effect of correcting the child’s mistakes, they will feel more fear but not correct the mistake fundamentally.
  2. The test scores are not all standard of the children. The test scores are crucial for the child’s choice of school, college entrance examination, etc., but the test scores are not the children’s all, many students have excellent academic performance in middle school, but because of the depression, they are too relaxed in the university, and even the school work is ruined. Children need to be fully trained. The college entrance examination is not the key points. The real marathon is in our life.
  3. Family relations deteriorated, and children’s growth environment caused psychological problems. Too severe parent will make the relationship between the child and the parent too far away. The tense family atmosphere will affect the child’s life, making the child’s personality become depressed, nervous and even hateful. The child has problems in study, school and life, especially they did something wrong, they didn’t dare to talk to their parents.

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Parents Communication To Kids Is Important

Before we have discussed about how to communicate between parents and the kids. Communication is really important, moreover parents’ communication ways are more vital important. Let us seriously discuss this topic again according to key word Future, one out of 4 aspects Fact, Finding, Feeling and Future. I will show you parents communication to kids is important.


In the face of children’s mistakes, we must always remind ourselves that the purpose of education is to look at the future in the medium and long term, and not just to nostalgia for the right and wrong, lost and win. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the power struggle of “parents win or kids lose, kids have to admit their mistake.” This is especially important for children who are more self-conscious after three years old.


For example:

“You were late for kindergarten again, so you can not watch cartoons tonight.” – Focus on now, punish soon

“You have been late for kindergarten 3 days in a row this week. Let’s look for the reason and see where the problem is.” – solved issues rather than punished

“The parents can then allow you to watch cartoons, and if you’re late again, we are going to ban you from watching cartoons as a punishment.” – for the future


Many of the so-called “incorrigible” children, usually because our education is only focused on the present, “you do wrong this time, you have to accept punishment,” we take it for granted that the children accept the “punishment now,” will not be repeated in the future. But we overestimate the cognitive development of preschool children, and there is a lack of a bridge between “making mistakes now” and “not making mistakes in the future”, which it is “where the problem is, what the action plan is”. “discussion the Future” let us not be obsessed with our children’s current problems, but help them do better in the long run.

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How to educate the Children

About education of children, there are a lot of valuable way to be adopted by the parents. Certainly, the most of parents will also know and learn how to educate the children. However, we found sometimes these methods are not working to their children. This phenomenon will make all of parents painful. Certainly, in meantime, there are some new mothers and fathers to doubt these ways’ effects. Actually, they omit key issues as below,

Softhearted Parents

Two days ago, I went out to dinner with my friends. One of them led her five year old son. After the child was seated, he did not rest for a second. He kept climbing and jumping up and down the chair, knocking the tableware and spilling tea and vegetable soup all over the table. Suddenly unaware, the boy sneaked out onto the road outside the restaurant. Then his mother within a cold sweat snatched him back. The mother complained to us how the children are so hard to manage now.


Half time through the meal, the child saw a banana boat at the next table and rushed to ask his mother, “Mom, I want ice cream.” “No, you cough, you can not eat and drink cold.” Mother answered very firmly.


“No, I will eat ice cream, mom, I beg you, give me ice cream, OK?” The little boy, who was just like a monkey, is now very obedient. “Mom, I beg you, Please.” The little boy still beg to his mother. Finally his mother compromised to the son and bought one for him.


“Softhearted parents” normally means mothers who lack principles. They are too soft-hearted to be spoiled or be unreasonable and made a scene by their children.  They also help the children to break the rules down while the parents often set rules for their children.

Education of Bottom Line

It is not wrong for parents to educate their children freely and equally, but freedom can not be equated with unlimited, irregular, bottomless line, let alone indulgence and inaction and ineffectual.

How To Educate Your Child

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