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Alibaba will Create the First Heavyweight Partnership in America

On Monday, Alibaba’s B2B platform and Office Depot, the world’s largest office supplies seller, announced a partnership agreement that marks the former’s first heavyweight partnership in the United States. According to the agreement,SinoeastNederlands in the initial stage of cooperation, Alibaba will create a new web access address (, connect to the website of Odyssey, provide services to US SMEs, and provide some of the most important for these companies. Exclusive discounts on products and services. The two companies also said that they will expand their services to small and medium-sized enterprises, including logistics and sales channels.

Through this partnership, Alibaba has access to 10 million business customers and 1,800 sales agents from AUDI’s office, and also enables AUDIO customers to connect with Alibaba’s global network of 150,000 suppliers. Delivery service the next day. Odyssey CEO Gerry Smith accepted the media’s statement, “This cooperation will bring companies together and provide products and services. We really bring the world’s capabilities back to the United States.” In recent years, Office Depot has gradually shifted its focus to B2B business. At present, B2B sales account for 69% of the company’s revenue, up from 49% two years ago. In a statement, Sinoeast한국어 AUDIO said that through its own supply chain, the company has the ability to deliver next-day delivery to 99% of US companies and has 1,350 Office Depot and OfficeMax stores across the US. Smith estimates that B2B market opportunities are six times that of B2C.

According to the US International Trade Commission, the global B2B business market is worth $23.9 trillion. John Caplan, head of North American B2B of Alibaba Group, said: “We have a common mission to become a catalyst for the growth of small businesses.” On the same day, according to the Nikkei News, Sinoeastрусский Alibaba’s competitor Jingdong also began to use the Google e-commerce platform to sell goods in the United States. Consumers can purchase about 500 items from JD’s Joybuy brand through Google Express, including keyboards, headphones and kitchen appliances. This is the first result since Google launched a capital cooperation relationship with Jingdong Investment of 550 million US dollars in June last year.

The Nikkei pointed out that with the loss of momentum in the US e-commerce business, Google has gained a way to capture overseas demand through its cooperation with JD. By incorporating Chinese e-retailers, it has gained more than its competitors. Wall Street’s previous article mentioned that in March last year, according to Reuters, Google is working with a number of retailers, including Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Costco, to direct users of search products directly to retail. SinoeastDeutsch The store makes purchases to separate customers from Amazon. Under the threat of Amazon, Google is also a good choice for traditional offline retailers in the United States. Relatively speaking, Google’s advertising space mechanism is still a way for merchants to pay for it, and Google is simply a medium for presentation. But in Amazon, merchants have a common rival – Amazon’s own business.

Wi-Fi New Market(II)

Wi-Fi work through China Mobile and Airbus

On Eastern Airlines flights, the passengers use Wi-Fi services to access the Internet on mobile devices. Photo from China Daily.Click Here For More.

The Shenzhen-based Airbus China Innovation Center and China Mobile Intelligent Mobile Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to jointly develop airborne Wi-Fi services, driven by the growing demand for in-air connections.Click Here For More.

Luo Gang, CEO of the Airbus China Innovation, said “The cooperation will develop an end-to-end solution and create new in-flight high-speed connectivity, leveraging the favorable policy on the use of portable electronic devices on board and the upcoming 5G technology,”Click Here For More.

Airbus and China Mobile’s subsidiaries did not show further details.

In January this year, Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) lifted restrictions on the use of mobile devices for domestic flights. The passengers can now use mobile phones, tablets and laptops throughout the flight as long as their airplane mode is switched on.

Airbus Shenzhen Innovation Center opened last year. It is Airbus’s first innovation center in Asia and the second innovation center in the world after Silicon Valley. China Mobile Intelligent Mobile Network was launched in June. The company will focus on the transportation industry and 5G, and deepen its research and development in the field of intelligent transportation, including autopilot and air connection.

Marketing Practices In The Best Ways(II)

Right promotion with effectiveness

If the target audience does not know its existence, the best products will still not be successful at the most accessible price. Normally this is the begin of promotion or new products just off from production lines.

The companies must determine the market segments they expect and choose communication tools to reach these markets at the right time and place. For example, social media is unlikely to be the best tool for the elderly, and newspapers are not the best way to enter the university market.Click Here For More.

Careful selection makes the chosen communication method suitable for the desired audience.

Proper and rational price

Pricing decisions are the key to market effectiveness and need to establish and adhere to certain brand principles.Click Here For More.

The companies must decide whether to sell at a low price or at a low price, and each price point between the two.

Pricing decisions must also be based on an analysis of the target market and other alternative competitive options.

Meanwhile the example from Auto, Benz will never offer bargain sales as promotion and middle class Bora also never dispel their customers as high prices.

What is Marketing Economy(II)

(3) The basis of economic operation is market competition. From the concept of market economy, the effectiveness and fairness of competition are generally emphasized. Such as the United States antitrust law, Germany’s opposition to the competition law, Japan’s prohibition of monopoly law and so on. Only by incorporating the activities of various market stakeholders into the framework of the law can we maintain the orderly and normal operation of market competition.

(4) Implement necessary and effective macroeconomic regulation and control. In the period of freely competitive market economy, the economic function of the state is mainly to protect the order of economic development and not directly interfere with economic operations. However, under the conditions of modern market economy, the state’s intervention and regulation of the economy has become a regular and stable institutional requirement. The government can use economic plans, economic means, legal means and necessary administrative means to intervene and regulate the economy. Its purpose is to provide guarantees for the normal operation of the economy; on the other hand, to make up for and correct market defects.

(5) Internationalization of economic relations. The modern market economy is an open economy, which enables the economies of all countries to enter the international cycle in line with the principle of mutual benefit, strengths and weaknesses. The internationalization of economic activities is not only manifested in the international import and export trade, capital flows, technology transfer and the development of intangible trade, but also in the general recognition and participation of various rules and practices for coordinating international interests.

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Ways of Online Marketing

About online marketing, by this time let us talk about ways of online marketing. The realization of the functions of online marketing requires one or more online marketing methods. Certainly, the main method is about register of search engine. Except this way we may consider to use Key words search,  exchange links, TMTW pay-for-call advertising, Internet advertising, mailing list, licensed E-mail marketing, information dissemination, integrated marketing, personalized marketing, membership marketing. Certainly, sometimes we may properly use viral marketing.


The following are some commonly used methods and effects of Internet marketing. PPC Bidding Advertising and Search Engine Optimization in Search Engine Integrated Marketing (SEM). At present, PPC promotion in various countries is mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing Bidding Ranking Promotion, which is a pay-per-click promotion method. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to improve the natural ranking of Bing, Google and other search engines by optimizing the website in accordance with search engine standards and rules, and to obtain traffic, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

Link Exchange

It has certain complementary advantages. It is a simple way of cooperation between two websites, that is, to put LOGO or keywords on the front or inside pages of their own websites and set up hyperlinks to each other websites, so that users can see their websites from each other cooperative websites and achieve the purpose of promoting one another.


Exchange links have several main functions such as gaining visits, increasing the impression of users when browsing, increasing advantages in search engine ranking, and increasing the credibility of visitors through recommendation of cooperative websites.


Online Advertising

Almost all network marketing activities are related to brand image. Among all network marketing methods related to brand promotion, the role of network advertising is the most direct. BANNER used to be the mainstream of online advertising (though not the only form). Since 2001, a vigorous innovation campaign has been launched in the field of online advertising, and new forms of advertising are constantly emerging. The new type of advertisement obtains relatively high click-through rate because it overcomes the weaknesses of the standard banner such as limited information and poor interaction.


Information Delivery

Information publishing is not only the basic function of network marketing, but also a practical means of operation. Through the Internet, not only can browse a large number of business information, but also can publish information by own. The most important thing is to publish valuable information on your website in time, so as to give full play to the functions of the website such as new product information, preferential promotion information and so on.

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Marketing Tactics in China Part 2


Well, I have posted related article for marketing tactics in China. By this time i will continue my share for completing it. Marketing tactics are really important for each enterprises no matter in China or other countries. However, according to different geography location, different traditional custom and culture, different living style of citizens, we have to respectively distinguish marketing tactics. In China, the most of people love to buy bargain things but also care about quality. So this is quite different from America or Europe. According to this issue I will analyse some Chinese marketing tactics as below,

Tactics of personal statement

Tactics of personal statement is to use the fact that a real person uses a product to produce good results as a case, then through publicity means to other consumers, to stimulate consumer purchasing desire strategy. Usually there are tabloids, promotional activities, case TV programs, magazines and journals and so on.


Media mix tactics

Media mix tactics is to combine the use of propagating the brand of all kinds of advertising media in a reasonable proportion so that stimulating consumer desire to buy and establishing and enhance the brand image. This way often is adopted by enterprises and merchants home and abroad. Because they may utilize different advertising media to widely publicity. It may gain more benefits and own more advantages.


Single appeal tactics

The single appeal tactics is to select the right consumer group according to the product’s efficacy characteristics, and accurately put forward the appeal point which can best reflect the product’s efficacy and satisfy the consumers.


Retailer Terminal packaging tactics

The so-called retailer packaging, is based on the performance of products, efficacy to realize various forms of publicity in the place with direct transactions with consumers. This kinds of place is such as supermarket, retailer store, convenient shop or patent shop and so on. The main form of retailer packaging tactics as below,

One, is putting up posters to introduce products or brands at the place customers shopping,

Two, is to lift the banner of promotional products at the place customers shopping,

Three, is to hang shop signs or front door light boxes, billboards with brand marks on the the place customers shopping,

Four, emotional communication is carried out to the terminal salesman, which affects the salesman and improves the salesman’s recommendation of the product.



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