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SKODA SUV For More Outdoor Sports(II)


SKODA flagship SUV retrofitted, 189,900 RMB, low-end vehicles enjoy high-end vehicle allocation. This is the model from Shanghai Automobile Co., Ltd, which VW group cooperated in China.

Recently, SKODA Shanghai Automobile Co., Ltd. officially launched the 2019 Kodiak. The new car provides two types of power for a total of 7 models. The price range is 1899-2699 million yuan. While the price is adjusted slightly, the configuration has been greatly optimized.Click Here For More.

The interior and exterior design of the new car continues the old model. As a popular brand, Kodiak’s interior has a strong popular style, mainly composed, while the appearance is more fashionable and younger than the public, and the temperament difference is obvious.Click Here For More.

In the case of little change in the price of the corresponding models, the new car modification focuses on optimizing the configuration, such as adjusting the TSI330 5 luxury version to TSI330 7 comfort version (5 seats to 7 seats), TSI330 7 two-drive luxury technology version to TSI380 7 four-drive luxury enjoyment version (two-drive change to four-drive).

At the same time, at the existing configuration level, many high-quality vehicle configurations are decentralized, including all-liquid crystal digital instrument, double USB charging interface in back row, front-reversing radar, automatic parking, driving assistance system, intelligent OFF-ROAD off-road mode, etc. Power continues to use 2.0T + 7DCT power combination, there are two adjustments of high and low power, which correspond to the performance parameters of L 2.0T high and low power version.Click Here For More.

It is worth mentioning that for the two brothers, Kodiak and Touguan L, the power is exactly the same (not to mention the 1.4T version of Touguan L), the wheelbase is exactly the same and the configuration is not very different. Besides, the top model of Kodiak is about 90,000 yuan cheaper than Tiguan L, and the former has 7 seats (the latter only 5 seats), but now it is available. In fact, the pursuit of “genuine public” is obviously more.


Stick to the Resisted Movement, Consuming ”Sugar” Effectively(II)


The movement of the legs in the swimming: the legs should pay attention to straightening, the ankles should be relaxed,Click Here For More.  and the calves should be driven by the thighs. If you feel that your thigh is very tired, you will prove that the action is correct; if you feel that your calf is very tired, you need to correct the action. In general, the freestyle swimming average of 6 kicks and 2 strokes is a reasonable frequency match. In particular, it is a mistake to stop a person from kicking after the arm is in force. No matter what the arm does, don’t stop kicking.

Swim time should be fixed: 40 minutes each time, generally no more than 45 minutes.Click Here For More.


Diabetic patients exercise resistance training or strength training such as dumbbells, can exercise muscles, Click Here For More. increase muscle calorie storage, and lower blood sugar levels. When starting exercise, use a small dumbbell and exercise 2~3 times a week for 15~20 minutes. Then, according to the exercise situation, gradually increase the exercise intensity and weight of the dumbbell. It is not recommended to exercise the same part of the muscle for 2 consecutive days. Each strength exercise can choose 5~10 movements, involving different muscle groups, each action is done in 3 groups, each group repeats 10~15 times, and each group rests for 2~3 minutes.

The Things You don’t Know about Sports (I)


According to historical evidence such as cultural relics and architecture, China began to conduct sports as early as around 2000 BC. Gymnastics was a very popular project in ancient China. It can be seen from the monument built for Pharaoh that sports such as swimming and fishing have been developed in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago and established sports rules. Other sports in Egypt include throwing javelins, high jumps and wrestling. In the modern era, motor sports developed. A large number of sports have been produced since ancient Greece, and the development of military culture and sports in ancient Greece has influenced each other.

Click Here For More. Since the development of sports in the ancient Olympic Games, its organization and related rules have been continuously strengthened. Industrialization has given residents in both developed and developing countries more leisure time, which allows them to participate in and watch ornamental sports. The number of sports participants has increased and the spread has become more common. This trend is even more pronounced as mass media and global connections increase. Sports specialization has become mainstream, sports are more popular, sports fans chase professional athletes through radio, television, and the Internet, and they also participate in amateur sports themselves to get exercise and entertainment.

Benefits of exercise

1.Physical exercise is beneficial to the growth of human bones and muscles, enhances heart and lung function, improves the function of blood circulation system, respiratory system and digestive system, is conducive to human growth and development, improves disease resistance and enhances the adaptability of organisms.

2.Reduce the risk of children suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases in adulthood.

3.Physical exercise is one of the most active and effective means to enhance physical fitness.

4.It can reduce your risk of entering the aging phase too early.

5.Physical exercise can improve the regulation function of the nervous system, improve the ability of the nervous system to judge the intricate changes of human activities, and make timely, coordinated, accurate and rapid responses; adapt the human body to the changes of internal and external environment and maintain the normal life activities of the body.

6.Physical exercise can regulate the physiological balance of the human body and achieve the effect of treatment and prevention.


1.Physical exercise has the effect of regulating the nervousness of the human body, improving physical and mental state, and restoring physical strength and energy;

2.Physical exercise can improve physical health, make the tired body get a positive rest, and make people energetically invest in study and work;

3.Stretching your body and mind, helping to sleep and eliminating the pressure of reading.

4.Physical exercise can cultivate sentiment, maintain a healthy mentality, give full play to the individual’s enthusiasm, creativity and initiative, thereby enhancing self-confidence and values, so that personality can achieve healthy and harmonious development in a harmonious atmosphere;

5.Collective projects and competitions in physical exercise can cultivate unity, collaboration and collectivism.

Hope we all can thrive in the sports and keep health.

Michael Jordan – Great Basketball Player(I)

All of the fans of Basketball will know Michael Jordan, a great NBA (National Basketball Association) player. He create so many miracles on the basketball court. At that time he was the king of Chicago Bull Team, and create massive classic historical time with his excellent players such as Scott Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Kirl, Longley. And remembered that his Dynasty of Chicago Bull dominated NBA for a absolute long period with continuous Final Champion of 3 years. Well, here we go, let us detailedly know him about his life and great history.


Michael Jordan, born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, was a former professional basketball player and a point guard, nicknamed Air Jordan. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. At the age of five, the Jordan’s family moved to North Carolina. As a child, Michael Jordan had a good relationship with his father. Jordan’s famous tongue-spattering in dunking came from his father’s repairs. At that time, they were very keen on baseball. As a child, Jordan was very naughty. After his brother fell in love with basketball, Jordan also spent all his spare time on the court.

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Chelsea Football Club


So many great football clubs around the world, however I prefer Chelsea Football Club. Maybe someone will ask why, there is no reason except one feeling from my inner heart. Or perhaps it is because of club’s emblem if there is a far fetched excuse. Well, do not crap too much, let us know about Chelsea Club’s history and process of development.


Chelsea football club, for short, Chelsea, nicknamed the “blue army”. Joining in the English Football Super League, with Juventus, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Manchester United are all called the European Grand Slam team. Chelsea Football Club was founded on March 14, 1905, the club is located at Stamford Bridge Stadium near the Thames River in Hammersmith Fulham, London.


Reinforcement with huge amount of money after Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea team, and the team became a wealthy team. The team is famous for its rock-solid defense and Iron-blooded spirit. It is also famous for its over-defensive “Reduce attack, shrink defense” tactics. It is one of the representative teams in the football field.


By May 30, 2018, Chelsea had won six top championships, eight FA Cups, five League Cups, four Community Shields, two European Winners’ Cups, one Super Cup, one Champions League and one Europa League championship.


On July 23, 2017, Chelsea Football Club made an official apology for Kennedy’s “humiliation to Chinese” through its official website.


History of Football Club

Chelsea Football Club was founded on a Sunday morning in the fall of 1904, when Henry Augustus Mears changed his mind and created one of the most successful clubs in the Premier League a hundred years later. Henry Augustus Mears is the founder of Chelsea. He is a fanatical sports fan. One hundred years ago, soccer was booming in the UK, but London still had no top league teams. Henry Augustus Mears was bullish about the football market and decided to step in. He bought Stamford Bridge Stadium and planned to recruit the team. First, Mears found the existing Fulham F.C. and wanted them to take over Stanford Bridge, but Fulham stayed at Craven Farm because the rental price was not settled. Later, Mears felt the difficulty of running a stadium. He was going to quit.


One Sunday morning in the fall of 1904, Parker, Mears’ partner, approached him and advised him not to give up, but Mears seemed to have made up his mind. When two people wander at about when Mears’s dog snapped at Parker, the pain, but also out of the blood, however, Parker did not mind, but joking aside. Mears thought that he should be as optimistic as Parker about setbacks and disappointments. At that moment, he changed his mind. He will continue to run the team.

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Benefits of Skipping Rope

People always sayskipping for 10 minutes equals running for 30 minutes, No matter whether it is right, it is undeniable that the workout of skipping rope is not worse than running. Because skipping has more skills relative to jogging, it has a lot of exercise for human coordination and brain health.

Skipping is an aerobic exercise that has all the benefits of aerobic exercise, including promoting blood circulation, strengthening the body’s functions of heart and lung, and making people more energetic and spiritual, also making your cardiovascular system healthier. Skipping also can reduce fat, which allows the excess fat in the legs and buttocks to be quickly eliminated, making the whole body muscles more and more strong, and the whole body feels brisk. At the same time, this is also an aerobic exercise, so we can still maintain a good body. When you skip the rope, you need to hold your hands tightly and your feets should cooperate with your hands. It has a good exercise effect on the balance and coordination of your brain. It has a long-term effect on the health of the brain, too.

Refers to conducive to the heart, many people wonder how the skipping is good for the heart. In fact, skipping can improve our cardiovascular system and respiratory system. At the same time, to improve memory, many people have this habit when skipping, that is counting, in fact, we do not know, while counting, we also maintain the process of cerebral cortex excitement, the cerebral cortex will pass these messages to our brain, so during the long time, it is also very helpful for our memory.

To relieve cervical lumbar pain! Office workers sit in front of the computer every day, and they rarely exercise. After a long day, many white-collar workers feel back pain. If you can skip after work every day, it is very helpful to relieve back pain. Prevent osteoporosis! Skipping can also prevent osteoporosis, because skipping can promote bone cell metabolism, prevent bone softening, and increase bone strength, but if the amount of exercise is too large, it may damage bones and joints.


Perhaps many urban people are familiar as well as unfamiliar with skipping ropes. Familiarity is because skipping is a simple exercise, many people know about it; unfamiliar are that most people do not carry out this exercise. In fact, there are many benefits to stick skipping rope every day.

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