Chinese New Year

New year, the first day of the year, is a popular holiday for most countries in the world. Every country in the world, especially in ancient times, has different dates. Most countries in the modern world are on 1st January, the year of the AD. In China,, New Year’s Day is called the lunar new year, and the Spring Festival is called the lunar new year. On that day, people will celebrate the coming of new year in various ways. So you will know that when Chinese New Year is coming, it is really prosperous with Firecracker and Lucky Character sticking on the windows and doors of every family.



The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is the beginning of a year. The traditional Chinese New Year is one of the four traditional festivals in China. The Spring Festival is commonly known as “New Year Festival”. The other traditional names include new year, early spring, the beginning of a year and so on. Spring Festival has a long history. It is evolved from the sacrificial activities of the head of the year in ancient times. Its origin contains rich and profound connotations of Humanities and natural culture.


In the folk, the traditional meaning of the Spring Festival in the old days was from the la worship of the Twelfth lunar month or twenty-third of the Twelfth lunar month or twenty-fourth of the Twelfth lunar month to the nineteenth day of the first month of the lunar year.


Spring Festival is a happy and peaceful festival, is a day for family and friends’ reunion together, is the bond to deepen people’s feelings. At the same time, it is an important carrier for people to release their emotions and satisfy their psychological demands. It is also the annual carnival and eternal spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation. People who have left their hometown for the Spring Festival are back home as much as possible to reunite with their relatives and share the joy of family relations.

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