Daily maintenance of the crane

In modern industrial production and construction, cranes are widely used for lifting, loading, unloading, transportation, installation and personnel transportation of various items. Some cranes can also carry out some special process operations in the production process and become the main equipment for production line operation. It is an important material basis for mechanization and automation of production and construction.

As an indispensable part of modern industry, cranes play an increasingly important role. The use of cranes and maintenance cranes has become a technology that people should master. With the continuous development of cranes, the types of cranes have gradually increased. More and more new operating and maintenance technologies are emerging. Best China Heavy Duty Intelligent Overhead Bridge Crane,Only by mastering the use and maintenance techniques of the crane can the crane be better controlled and create greater value.

Daily maintenance of the crane

The crane has the characteristics of complex structure, large structure, large operation space and large load change, and it has great danger in use. In order to better implement the “Regulations on Heavy Industry” and avoid unnecessary equipment and major accidents as well as casualties, the competent authorities must supervise and strengthen the professionalization and safety of crane operation management. In many crane accidents, workers violate operating procedures and lack of effective equipment maintenance is one of the important factors.

The maintenance and maintenance of the crane is directly related to the safety of the crane. It is an important factor in determining whether the crane equipment can maintain the subsequent vitality and thus create greater economic benefits. In the long-term use of any mechanical equipment, some parts and connectors are inevitably loose, corroded, aged and damaged due to vibration, friction and other factors. In order to extend the life of the crane, reduce the failure rate of the equipment, reduce and eliminate potential safety hazards, it is necessary and important to carry out regular maintenance of the crane user. Only regular inspection, repair, maintenance of the crane, lubrication of the parts that need lubrication, firm tightening of the parts that need to be tightened, repair and replacement of the consumable parts of the crane, in order to eliminate the hidden dangers and accelerate the equipment in time.

Reduce driving safety rate, achieve driving safety, and create better economic benefits. In the daily use of cranes, some units have weak safety awareness, attach importance to use, and maintain minor maintenance. Even the phenomenon of mechanical work has long existed, which brings certain hidden dangers to the operation and use of cranes. Therefore, the maintenance and repair work of the crane cannot be ignored.

Daily maintenance of Bridge and its main components

Crane bridges and other major metal structures are inspected at least once a year

1.Check the main weld, first clean it with kerosene, then check. Cracks are found in the welds, which are taken out and cleaned with high-quality welding rods to ensure the quality of the weld.

2.Check all connecting bolts, especially the connection between the main beam and the end beam, the slope connection, the car’s conductive maintenance platform, the conductive bracket and components, the connecting frame of the car frame or other parts, should be very careful and should not be loose.

3.Check the camber angle of the main beam and the deformation of other main parts.Best Electric Cable Hoists Manufacturer The main beam camber angle should be judged by the following method: When the vehicle is driven to the limit position when no-load, the main beam sinking value is lower than the horizontal line (permanent deformation caused by the drop of the original height, called sinking) f. Recommended repair.

4.The metal structure of the crane can be painted once in 3 to 5 years according to the previous paint conditions. Care should be taken to remove old paint and rust before painting.

5.The special shape of the inner coil rail after the cable is turned on should be replaced after wear.

6.Cranes and tram tracks should be inspected twice a year. Check the rail fastening, whether the weld of the rail pressure plate is cracked, whether the rail is close to the upper cover of the rail beam or the main beam, and measure the error and adjust the overshoot. When the side grinding of the track exceeds 15% of the original width, the new track should be replaced.

7.The car track should be changed as little as possible. Oxyacetylene cutting rail pressure plates are prohibited when replacing. In order to reduce the main beam sinking and horizontal bending caused by the rail pressure plate shoveling, the main beam needs to be lifted from the span.

When reinstalling the rail pressure plate, its position and joint welds should be the same as the drawing requirements. When welding the pressure plate, the arc must not touch the track and must not ignite on the track.

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