Hardware Components of Computer

Hardware components of computer is also called constituent parts in terminology of computer science. The most of people are good at applying computer software for work or playing game, but they seldom think about about components of computer. How is the personal computer constituted? Perhaps, these basic knowledge may help you to save a lot of cost when you repair it. Let us have a look about each hardware component.

Main Frame

The computer components commonly placed in the chassis are commonly referred to as “mainframe”. It is the most important part of the computer, and the main components, such as motherboard, CPU and hard disk, are in the mainframe.


The full name of CPU is the “central processing unit”, which is made of a gilded material. Its function in PC can be said to be equivalent to the role of the brain in the human body. All computer programs are run by it.


The motherboard is also called main-Board. It is actually a circuit board, all of which are all kinds of circuits. It can be said that the nervous system of the PC, meanwhile CPU, memory, display card, sound card and so on are directly installed on the motherboard, and hard disk, floppy drive and other components also need to be connected through the wiring to motherboard.


Compared with external memory such as disk, memory refers to the internal memory that CPU can read directly, mainly in the form of chips. Memory is also called “main store”. Memory chips are commonly seen as strip, also known as “RAM which need to be inserted in the memory slot on the motherboard to work. Another kind of memory is called “cache”, which is usually built into the CPU or motherboard.

Graphic Card

The graphic card (Display Card) is an important component connecting the monitor and the PC motherboard. It is inserted in the expansion slot on the motherboard. It is mainly responsible for converting (decoding) the display signals sent by the mainframe to general electrical signals, so that the display can understand what the PC is doing with it. The display cards also have memory, called “Display Memory” which will directly affect the display effects according to memory size, such as definition and color richness and so on.

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