How to educate the Children

About education of children, there are a lot of valuable way to be adopted by the parents. Certainly, the most of parents will also know and learn how to educate the children. However, we found sometimes these methods are not working to their children. This phenomenon will make all of parents painful. Certainly, in meantime, there are some new mothers and fathers to doubt these ways’ effects. Actually, they omit key issues as below,

Softhearted Parents

Two days ago, I went out to dinner with my friends. One of them led her five year old son. After the child was seated, he did not rest for a second. He kept climbing and jumping up and down the chair, knocking the tableware and spilling tea and vegetable soup all over the table. Suddenly unaware, the boy sneaked out onto the road outside the restaurant. Then his mother within a cold sweat snatched him back. The mother complained to us how the children are so hard to manage now.


Half time through the meal, the child saw a banana boat at the next table and rushed to ask his mother, “Mom, I want ice cream.” “No, you cough, you can not eat and drink cold.” Mother answered very firmly.


“No, I will eat ice cream, mom, I beg you, give me ice cream, OK?” The little boy, who was just like a monkey, is now very obedient. “Mom, I beg you, Please.” The little boy still beg to his mother. Finally his mother compromised to the son and bought one for him.


“Softhearted parents” normally means mothers who lack principles. They are too soft-hearted to be spoiled or be unreasonable and made a scene by their children.  They also help the children to break the rules down while the parents often set rules for their children.

Education of Bottom Line

It is not wrong for parents to educate their children freely and equally, but freedom can not be equated with unlimited, irregular, bottomless line, let alone indulgence and inaction and ineffectual.

How To Educate Your Child

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