How to increase orders through Amazon(II)

One-click Buy Button

In order to prevent the consumers from abandoning the commodities in the shopping cart, Amazon has specially established a shopping system that allows consumers to purchase the products they need with only one click (after entering and saving the checkout, they only need to pay once and fill in the shipping information). As a result of this innovation, Amazon has achieved a very high conversion rate from its existing customers. Because customer payment and shipping information has been stored on Amazon’s servers. So the whole shopping process is very convenient and fast (just one click), so customers have no time to reconsider their buying behavior.Click Here For More.

As online shopping on mobile devices becomes more and more common, one-click shopping becomes more and more important. Because the mobile screen is very small, the more clicks you click on when purchasing, the lower your purchasing inclination. Amazon’s ‘one-click shopping’ advantage is that it omits the steps of filling in consumer information and credit card information, greatly facilitates the shopping process of customers, and improves the purchase conversion rate.

Amazon patented the technology in 1999, generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue. Eventually, Amazon’s ‘one-click purchase’ of patented technology was licensed to other e-commerce retailers, especially Apple.

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