If You Would Like Travel, Some Place You Must Know(II)

Mount Fuji, Japan

Fuji’s gently sloping volcanoes are often covered with snow, check here which is Japan’s definition of perfection. With local reverence, the 12,388-foot summit is open to hikers in some seasons.

Most tourists choose to go sightseeing on the sky-high viewing platform in Tokyo, or take the bullet train passing to Osaka. Or, consider visiting Lake Hakone or Fuji, where there are natural hot springs and you can enjoy the scenery to your heart’s content – preferably in the morning or late afternoon, between November and May.

Tower of London, London

The 1,000-year-old London Castle was once a palace, prison, armoury, execution chamber and treasury, protecting 24,000 jewels, which made up the famous crown jewels that the Queen still wore on special occasions.check here

The leaders of the tours were the Beefeaters in bright clothes, check here who thrilled the children. Buy tickets online to avoid long waiting; if you enter the aristocratic class, you can save money with the Royal Pass of the Three Palaces.


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