Indian Sweet Pancake

Indian food is very popular in Southeast Asia, Asia and now it is also spread widely to Europe and America. Meanwhile we should recommend Indian Sweet Pie for each one who have read my post. This is very simple to cook it. This is an ancient family favorite recipes. The crispy pancake is made in a frying pan. Everyone in our family loves it. By this time let me show you the recipe of it and hope every may enjoy this delicious Indian flavor food.


Wheat Flour 250 g

Salt 2 g

Water 150 ml

Sugar 50 g

Vegetable seed oil 15 ml



  1. Prepare a basin or similar container, then put the flour into the container. The next, put some salt and water to stir with flour together till it becomes soft dough. Then put the dough on the board meanwhile sprinkled proper flour on the board. Kneading dough for a while, then separate the dough into many segments such as golf ball size. Cover these small balls by wet cloth and preservative film.
  2. Take one flour ball (small dough), then rolling the dough with a rolling pin till it is very thin but it can not be broken. Evenly sprinkle some sugar powder then overlap and fold the thin flour piece like square, then rolling again till it becomes thin.
  3. Prepare a pan on the fire with some oil into the pan. Low heat the pan, then put the thin flour piece into the pan with frying 30 seconds to 1 minutes for each side. You may see the pancake becomes golden color, then you may eat it now.
  4. Repeatedly above methods, you may cook many pancakes as you like and taste it with some juice or milk tea.


It is very good cookie or staples, no matter which seasons you may prepare it to treat your friends or cook it for the party.

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