Marketing Tactics in China Part 2


Well, I have posted related article for marketing tactics in China. By this time i will continue my share for completing it. Marketing tactics are really important for each enterprises no matter in China or other countries. However, according to different geography location, different traditional custom and culture, different living style of citizens, we have to respectively distinguish marketing tactics. In China, the most of people love to buy bargain things but also care about quality. So this is quite different from America or Europe. According to this issue I will analyse some Chinese marketing tactics as below,

Tactics of personal statement

Tactics of personal statement is to use the fact that a real person uses a product to produce good results as a case, then through publicity means to other consumers, to stimulate consumer purchasing desire strategy. Usually there are tabloids, promotional activities, case TV programs, magazines and journals and so on.


Media mix tactics

Media mix tactics is to combine the use of propagating the brand of all kinds of advertising media in a reasonable proportion so that stimulating consumer desire to buy and establishing and enhance the brand image. This way often is adopted by enterprises and merchants home and abroad. Because they may utilize different advertising media to widely publicity. It may gain more benefits and own more advantages.


Single appeal tactics

The single appeal tactics is to select the right consumer group according to the product’s efficacy characteristics, and accurately put forward the appeal point which can best reflect the product’s efficacy and satisfy the consumers.


Retailer Terminal packaging tactics

The so-called retailer packaging, is based on the performance of products, efficacy to realize various forms of publicity in the place with direct transactions with consumers. This kinds of place is such as supermarket, retailer store, convenient shop or patent shop and so on. The main form of retailer packaging tactics as below,

One, is putting up posters to introduce products or brands at the place customers shopping,

Two, is to lift the banner of promotional products at the place customers shopping,

Three, is to hang shop signs or front door light boxes, billboards with brand marks on the the place customers shopping,

Four, emotional communication is carried out to the terminal salesman, which affects the salesman and improves the salesman’s recommendation of the product.



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