Montenegro, the Low-key and Secretive Tourist Attraction (I)

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the achievements have been outstanding. It has established a good diplomatic relationship with many countries. Many countries that did not know the name of the country appeared in front of the Chinese people. In the form of economic, cultural and tourism exchanges, let us know more countries, diversified exchanges, and also make us better open up their own vision, stand at a higher point to examine their own future and enrich their experience.check here Either study, or on the road. The experience on the road is actually the most proud of people, the scenery on the road is better, and the knowledge on the road is more profound. Just like when we go abroad and go into Europe, we can go to small countries that are rarely mentioned in Europe, Montenegro.

On June 3, the Montenegrin Congress officially declared its independence to restore its independence before the First World War. On June 22, Serbia and Montenegro officially established diplomatic relations. On June 28th, the 60th session of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution to accept Montenegro as the 192th UN member state. Montenegro is a member of the World Trade Organization and the Mediterranean Union. On December 17, 2010, the EU decided to grant Montenegro the EU candidate status. On June 5, 2017, Montenegro officially became the 29th member of NATO.

Montenegro is bordered by Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because there are many mountains, his mineral resources are very rich,check here tourism is also very developed, and when in summer, here is a must attraction to travel in European countries. Montenegro’s pre-independence economy was not developed, and its development accelerated after independence. The economic per capita reached more than 3,000 US dollars (more than 2,000 euros). In this country, people only need to work for three days a week, and work no more than six hours a day. This kind of comfortable working time is the ideal Eden of many Chinese. The country with slow pace and slow life, the scenery is still very good, the resources are still rich, it is really a tourist attraction. The architectural style of Montenegro also retains the characteristics of Europe. The numerous red-brick roof buildings along the coast are romantic and warm against the blue sky and white clouds. The fjord has a beautiful and natural scenery, during the walk, the two sides of the green hills opposite, on the eastern coast of the fjord, there is a world heritage listed as the city of Ktor.check here

The climate of the Republic of Montenegro is mainly temperate continental climate, and the coastal region has a Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in January is -1°C, and the average temperature in July is 28°C. The annual average temperature is 13.5°C, the climate of the valley is mild, but the climate in the higher regions is harsh. Many mountains have snow all the year round, and the snow and ice in some colder valleys are insoluble. The annual precipitation in Cetinje exceeds 3,800mm, with precipitation throughout the year.

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