News Around The World(II)

Teachers will be banned if abusing children

In Frida, the Ministry of Education in China said that any teacher caught abusing, molesting or sexually harassing students would be banned from teaching in any school.Click Here For More.

The Ministry of Education issued four statements on its website detailing the Ministry’s code of conduct, Click Here For More. in which it said that their teaching certificates, academic titles and honors would also be revoked, their information would be recorded in the National Teacher Information System, and no school would be allowed to hire them again. From kindergarten to university.

According to the Ministry of Education, teachers accused of crimes will be sent to law enforcement authorities, and schools that fail to monitor teachers or conceal their misconduct from the authorities will also be held accountable.

According to the report, Click Here For More. teaching ethics will be an integral part of all teachers’promotion or award-winning assessment, and teachers who violate ethics will not be eligible for promotion or higher academic titles.

Climate Change Protesters Block off London Bridges


On November 17, 2018, environmentalists from the Rebellion Movement Direct Action Organization demonstrated on Westminster Bridge in central London, England.Click Here For More.

Hundreds of protestors poured into central London, blocking major bridges in the capital and demanding that the government take climate change seriously. An organization called the Extinction Rebellion encouraged people to sit on bridges on Saturday as part of a nationwide coordinated week of action.

Metropolitan police said emergency vehicles were trapped in London due to the “blockade” of five bridges. The force said it had asked all the protestors to gather at Westminster Bridge, where officials could promote legitimate protests.

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