Online and Offline Promotion

About online and offline, this is not strange words now. But whether you will understand its scheme and how to be good promotion of online and offline? Perhaps you will know it after I state online and offline respectively below,

Offline Promotion

At the first, we should know the initial targeted customers. Who are suitable for us to promote with saving cost.

  1. Small and micro enterprise credit clients
  2. Individual operator
  3. Middle-class workers such as white collar workers (with disposable income and higher education, and advanced consumption and financial management concepts)
  4. Retired old man
  5. Some college students (who are graduating, or graduated from college and want to start their own business).


If you have gotten the targets, then you may consider related conditions below,

  1. improve website access and registration.
  2. Creating a good corporate image for customers in the early stage of development is the most important thing in the early stage of development. The period of brand recognition is not only the period of brand recognition for customers, but also a period of cognition for enterprises themselves.
  3. Set up the entity’s customer experience store.
  4. Outdoor advertising, media advertising, bus advertising and so on are very important means of publicity.
  5. Publicity of public welfare activities.
  6. Membership activities. The registered members of the organizing platform carry out group activities and dress uniform (with a T-shirt or hat printed on LOGO).


Online Promotion

  1. User Online Experience: User Registration, User Center Design, Interactive Forum, Online Customer Service, Web Navigation and so on.
  2. We will vigorously develop social media such as Facebook, Twitter Linkin, related APP and other Internet media to further promote the understanding and trust of investors in our products, so that investors have a full understanding of the safety of our products and practicality.


The scheme of implements is also important to help your online promotion tendency to success. So we have to think about content optimization of website.

  1. Website usability: website usability design directly shows whether the website meets user needs.
  2. Website interaction: when a customer comes to the website through natural traffic, then keeping good interaction between customers and customers service is the direct way to increase loyalty and friendship. We may build online chat tool or email function through own website.


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