Natural Wonders in China(II)


Known by the world for the movie Avatar from James Cameron, Zhangjiajie is the first National Forest Park of China and a World Geopark listed in 2004. Covering an area of 1840 hectares, the Zhangjiajie Park is a heavenly Pandora formed by complex geological structures and peculiar landforms, say more than 3000 remarkable peaks standing into sky.

As a magic creation from the nature, Zhangjiajie in Wulingyuan is the wonderland where many Chinese TV productions or movies were filmed, like the Dream of Red Mansions, Journey to the West – two of the four greatest Chinese novels. Identified as National Forest Park with Yangjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, Zhangjiajie is the most excellent part of capacious Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Area. As a paradise for adventurers, here are countless vertical cliffs, beautiful Golden Whip Brook, thrilling glass skywalk encircling Tianmen Mountain for 60m, the highest water-eroded mountain cave–Tianmen Cave, frightening Yaozi Village, best views of all the peculiar peaks and top stone bridge in broad Yuanjiajie, One Step to Reach the Sky in the lasted discovered Yangjiajie with dense forest, shrinking fairyland to watch the most original natural landscape in Tianzi Mountain.

Zhangjiajie is the major tourist city in China, where has a lot natural tourist attractions, we suggest you to travel if you have a chance.

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The Historical Culture of Canada

However, the collision between the British and French cultures is not a simple Quebec bill. In Quebec, French Canadians and British Canadians are seriously opposed to each other. The British government had no choice to divide Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada in 1791, the Upper Canada is as Ontario now, the Lower Canada is as Quebec now.

Despite the ups and downs of British and French Canadians, Canada has never stopped moving toward a unified and independent federal state. As early as 1812, before the outbreak of the US-British war, the United States had invaded Canada many times, and the national consciousness of Canadians began to awaken. After the US-British war, Canada’s economy began to develop rapidly, and large-scale immigration surges occurred in all provinces of Canada. Immigrants have injected strong economic vitality into Canada. The golden wheat waves and the logging sounds of each other constitute a vibrant and prosperous scene. Economic development has placed demands on unified markets and political autonomy. In the 1930s, the Canadian economy was in crisis, there was a French riot led by Louis Joseph Papineau in Quebec, and Mackenzie’s rebellion against British rule in Ontario, and Nova Civil riots have occurred in the provinces of Skotha and Canada. In this case, the British government had to adjust its ruling policy toward Canada. In 1840, the Upper and Lower Canada were merged into a ”Canada province”. Ten years later, the colonial government, which was only responsible for the elected parliament and not controlled by the British governor, was finally established in various places.

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The Unpopular but Interesting Tourist Attractions(II)


If you are a foodie, you must come here, there is not only graceful environment, but called as the paradise if foodies. It is a bustling city with many distinctive buildings. It is also famous for its Malaysian Chinese cuisine. The old district of Ipoh is the Kinta District between the Sultan Idris Shah and the Sultan Iskandar Road. This house has many houses and colonial buildings built by early Chinese. At present, Ipoh has developed into a new area, and there are also many old shops, which are now very active commercial areas.

Ipoh’s Old Street and New Street are two different parts, separated by the river. Most of the shops that built before the Second World War, architectural heritage and some government buildings were located in the old street, while the new street included new buildings, shopping centers and residential areas. In addition, Ipoh also has a lot of caves, most of which are Buddhist altars and temples. Many people said, you must go Penang if you are in Malay, this is an old country where has its own categories. Both diverse and fresh, and posses fascinating food. It is also located in West Malaysia, which is also the paradise of delicious food, but few people mention it.

If you want to travel to Ipoh, you must prepare two things: the lazy heart and the strong stomach.

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Parents’ Problems in the Education of Children(II)

Too strict, love children is not the reason of too strict

It is good for children to be strict with discipline, but sometimes it may be too harsh, on the contract, it will counterproductive. In the past few years, the “Tiger-mother” education type was popular. Many parents to “spoil the child sticks the following” for the rearing creed, and they were considered to be good for their children. They were too harsh on their children. Treating your child’s test scores as the only or maximum concern, thus inhibiting the child’s nature, using the child as a victim of parental spirit, imposing and placing the parents’ wishes and expectations on the child, and abducting the parents’ regrets on the child .

It is the expectation for parents to hope their children can become dragon and phoenix, but excessively strict is definitely not an education method that should be encouraged and promoted. Even if the “Tiger-mother” education improves the children’s academic performance, even if it is admitted. To enter a good university, that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely right. It doesn’t mean the success of your child’s life and education.

Too strict, it is easy to cause children’s psychological and behavioral distortions, and even impact on their mind, or cause the child to lack the ability of independent thinking, or to create a barrier between the child and the parent, resulting in confrontation and rebellion. Children are not machines, they need independent thinking and their own opinion. “Submissive”, “cramming”, and “clubbing” education, will deprive their children of their thoughts and thoughts although they will obey the authority of their parents,. What’s more, It causes a strong confrontation between the child and the parents, especially with the increase of age, the increase of rebellious psychology in adolescence will also increase, your improper handling will cause the child to suppress the psychological outburst, and even make the child become your enemy. So if we too strict to our children, what problems will bring us?

  1. It is not conducive to correcting children’s mistakes. Being too strict may have the effect of correcting the child’s mistakes, they will feel more fear but not correct the mistake fundamentally.
  2. The test scores are not all standard of the children. The test scores are crucial for the child’s choice of school, college entrance examination, etc., but the test scores are not the children’s all, many students have excellent academic performance in middle school, but because of the depression, they are too relaxed in the university, and even the school work is ruined. Children need to be fully trained. The college entrance examination is not the key points. The real marathon is in our life.
  3. Family relations deteriorated, and children’s growth environment caused psychological problems. Too severe parent will make the relationship between the child and the parent too far away. The tense family atmosphere will affect the child’s life, making the child’s personality become depressed, nervous and even hateful. The child has problems in study, school and life, especially they did something wrong, they didn’t dare to talk to their parents.

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Ways of Online Marketing

About online marketing, by this time let us talk about ways of online marketing. The realization of the functions of online marketing requires one or more online marketing methods. Certainly, the main method is about register of search engine. Except this way we may consider to use Key words search,  exchange links, TMTW pay-for-call advertising, Internet advertising, mailing list, licensed E-mail marketing, information dissemination, integrated marketing, personalized marketing, membership marketing. Certainly, sometimes we may properly use viral marketing.


The following are some commonly used methods and effects of Internet marketing. PPC Bidding Advertising and Search Engine Optimization in Search Engine Integrated Marketing (SEM). At present, PPC promotion in various countries is mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing Bidding Ranking Promotion, which is a pay-per-click promotion method. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to improve the natural ranking of Bing, Google and other search engines by optimizing the website in accordance with search engine standards and rules, and to obtain traffic, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

Link Exchange

It has certain complementary advantages. It is a simple way of cooperation between two websites, that is, to put LOGO or keywords on the front or inside pages of their own websites and set up hyperlinks to each other websites, so that users can see their websites from each other cooperative websites and achieve the purpose of promoting one another.


Exchange links have several main functions such as gaining visits, increasing the impression of users when browsing, increasing advantages in search engine ranking, and increasing the credibility of visitors through recommendation of cooperative websites.


Online Advertising

Almost all network marketing activities are related to brand image. Among all network marketing methods related to brand promotion, the role of network advertising is the most direct. BANNER used to be the mainstream of online advertising (though not the only form). Since 2001, a vigorous innovation campaign has been launched in the field of online advertising, and new forms of advertising are constantly emerging. The new type of advertisement obtains relatively high click-through rate because it overcomes the weaknesses of the standard banner such as limited information and poor interaction.


Information Delivery

Information publishing is not only the basic function of network marketing, but also a practical means of operation. Through the Internet, not only can browse a large number of business information, but also can publish information by own. The most important thing is to publish valuable information on your website in time, so as to give full play to the functions of the website such as new product information, preferential promotion information and so on.

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Some Business Information From Asia

Recently years, there are some new information about global economic development. However, let us pay attention about Asia business tendency by this time. Some of main economic supports in Asia such as China Mainland, China HongKong Japan and Korea will be increased for its economy more or less.



According to trustful and reliable information from World Business (, releasing report from UBS Group AG and PWC together shows that in 2017 billionaires in China increased up to three hundred and seventy three. Over the same period, total wealth grew by 39% to $1 trillion and 120 billion. China’s billionaires entrepreneurs are leading the economic transformation of China and Asia as a whole. In just ten years, they have created some world-renowned companies, promoted the improvement of people’s living standards, and created wealth at an unprecedented rate.


New data showing In 2017, there were at least 199 new billionaires in the world, with total wealth rising 19% year-on-year as reaching to $8.9 trillion. The report also said that the number of Asian billionaires exceeds that of the United States, and their total wealth is expected to exceed that of the US billionaires sitting on $2.5 trillion in assets in three years.


General government accounting and taxation data released by Japan’s Ministry of Finance in the first half of 2018 (April-September) showed that the main tax items increased by 4.1% compared with the same period last year, amounting to 17.5052 trillion yen (about 1 trillion yuan). This figure ranked third in the first half of the year, reaching the highest level in the 27 years after the end of the bubble economy in 1991. The original budget estimate, which reached about 59.1 trillion yen in 2018, is likely to be revised up or to reach the 60 trillion yen threshold. Income tax reached to 8 trillion and 247 billion 300 million yen, an increase of 4.5%. The good performance of enterprises has become the main reason for the increase of wages and stock dividends of office workers. Consumption tax also increased by 2.4% to 4 trillion and 436 billion 400 million yen.


Corporate income tax increased by 32.4%. As a result of a large number of financial years up to the end of March, enterprises will be taxed according to the interim declaration thereafter, the amount is only 908.5 billion yen.

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Chelsea Football Club


So many great football clubs around the world, however I prefer Chelsea Football Club. Maybe someone will ask why, there is no reason except one feeling from my inner heart. Or perhaps it is because of club’s emblem if there is a far fetched excuse. Well, do not crap too much, let us know about Chelsea Club’s history and process of development.


Chelsea football club, for short, Chelsea, nicknamed the “blue army”. Joining in the English Football Super League, with Juventus, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Manchester United are all called the European Grand Slam team. Chelsea Football Club was founded on March 14, 1905, the club is located at Stamford Bridge Stadium near the Thames River in Hammersmith Fulham, London.


Reinforcement with huge amount of money after Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea team, and the team became a wealthy team. The team is famous for its rock-solid defense and Iron-blooded spirit. It is also famous for its over-defensive “Reduce attack, shrink defense” tactics. It is one of the representative teams in the football field.


By May 30, 2018, Chelsea had won six top championships, eight FA Cups, five League Cups, four Community Shields, two European Winners’ Cups, one Super Cup, one Champions League and one Europa League championship.


On July 23, 2017, Chelsea Football Club made an official apology for Kennedy’s “humiliation to Chinese” through its official website.


History of Football Club

Chelsea Football Club was founded on a Sunday morning in the fall of 1904, when Henry Augustus Mears changed his mind and created one of the most successful clubs in the Premier League a hundred years later. Henry Augustus Mears is the founder of Chelsea. He is a fanatical sports fan. One hundred years ago, soccer was booming in the UK, but London still had no top league teams. Henry Augustus Mears was bullish about the football market and decided to step in. He bought Stamford Bridge Stadium and planned to recruit the team. First, Mears found the existing Fulham F.C. and wanted them to take over Stanford Bridge, but Fulham stayed at Craven Farm because the rental price was not settled. Later, Mears felt the difficulty of running a stadium. He was going to quit.


One Sunday morning in the fall of 1904, Parker, Mears’ partner, approached him and advised him not to give up, but Mears seemed to have made up his mind. When two people wander at about when Mears’s dog snapped at Parker, the pain, but also out of the blood, however, Parker did not mind, but joking aside. Mears thought that he should be as optimistic as Parker about setbacks and disappointments. At that moment, he changed his mind. He will continue to run the team.

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The Future of Manned Space in China

At the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened on the 6th, a large number of aerospace heavy equipments were unveiled. Among them, China’s space station core cabin, a new generation of manned spacecraft and a new generation of manned launch vehicles began their first public appearances. You can have a glimpse of the future of China’s manned space flight.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the core space of the China Space Station set off a hijab in the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group exhibition area to reveal the true content. The core cabin of the exhibition is a 1:1 process validation cabin, and its status is almost identical to the real core cabin.

The basic configuration of the China Space Station includes the core cabin, the experimental cabin I and the experimental cabin II. Each cabin has a scale of 20 tons, the combined mass of the three cabins is about 66 tons, the rated crew is 3 people, and the short-term passengers can reach 6 people. The core cabin is the main control section of the space station, the management and control center, and the main place for the astronauts to live.

The reporter learned from the five institutes of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the core cabin has three pairs of interfaces and two parking ports. The parking port is used to assemble the two experimental and core cabins to form a space station combination; the interface is used for manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft and other aircraft access space stations. There is also an out hatch for the astronauts to leave the cabin.

It is understood that the core cabin is equipped with a materialized regenerative life support system to reduce the replenishment demand for the loss of materials. China’s space station will use electric propulsion technology to reduce propellant consumption.

At the same time, the space station robot arm was also exhibited together. The robotic arm has precise operation and visual recognition capabilities, both autonomous and remote control by astronauts.

Facing the future development needs of China’s manned space flight, the Fifth Academy is demonstrating the development of a new generation of manned space reciprocating transport aircraft. Its scaled version was unveiled at this year’s air show.

The reporter learned from the Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the new generation of manned spacecraft is about 9 meters long and has a maximum launch weight of 23 tons. It adopts two cabin configurations: return cabin and service cabin. The return cabin is the astronaut cockpit, and is also the command center of the entire ship, and assumes the responsibility of returning to the atmosphere to return to the Earth; the service cabin has the function of providing orbital maneuvering power and orbital energy.

Based on the existing technology of China’s manned spaceflight project, the spacecraft has adopted a series of advanced technologies. The modular design of the spacecraft can accommodate a variety of tasks such as low-Earth orbit, manned lunar exploration and manned deep space exploration.

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Development of China Mainland Real Estate

Referring to real estate in China mainland, we have to talk about its development in this decade. Going through the bad influence of 2008, and later booming development, now China real estate has entered into a stable situation however it dose not mean there is the rate which the housing price still walk to low according to past real case about Vanke industry. So let us have a look about the prediction of real estate in China, also the future development of real estate in China.

On the one hand, the demographic dividend, urbanization and other factors that support high housing prices, are gradually weakening. On the other hand, the development mode of local governments to sell land and blindly borrow money is also not long lasting. And when the government uses executive hand, it can no longer push up housing prices, perhaps it is time to roll out about the real estate tax.


In the past twenty years, anyone who has predicted the fall in house prices has almost miscalculated. Mr. Ren Zhiqiang, as the “dead enemy” of the Real Estate market, fulfilled his predictions one by one, so that many people firmly believed in his “big rise and small fall” rule of housing prices. So it means the total tendency of housing prices will be raised in the future. In Mr. Ren Zhiqiang’s view, the trend of house prices in the future is still upward, mainly based on the fact that the urbanization process will not be broken, even if it reaches the urbanization rate of 70% to 80% in developed countries, the rule of “big rise and small fall” will not be broken.


So, this decline in house prices as continuing to spread and deepen then eventually become a watershed to change China’s house prices for many years strong soaring, or China’s real estate market is really special with only rising and not falling? I think nobody may give a proper answer for that. Only the market of development tell something.


But one thing is for sure, there are no commodities and markets that only keep rising and falling. Today, compared with 10 years ago, the supply and demand of the real estate market, especially the purchasing power of the people in China, has changed dramatically and this change is no longer supporting the continued rise of housing prices. Human history has long proved that in the face of enormous debt pressure, any asset can not avoid the consequence of devaluation.

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American Bomb Kill Kid, Trump Denis Bomb Issue

President Trump has been debated recently over the issue of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. In an interview, US President Trump said the Saudi-led coalition used US-made weapons to kill civilians in Yemen because the attackers “would not use weapons correctly”.

Trump Reply

Asked whether he was troubled by the Saudi coalition’s use of US bombs to kill Yemeni civilians, Trump responded that the attack was a “terror show” and said it “did not cause him enough trouble,” the British Guardian reported when Trump interviewed with USA Media Axios. He also attributed the most fundamental cause of the attack to user’s failure.


“Basically because of those who do not know how to use the weapons, this is terrible, “Trump on August in Yemen in the vicinity of the attacks and said,” I will talk to the Saudis, but I certainly will not let those who do not know how to use weapons to shoot the bus carrying children”.


In the weeks following Kasuji’s disappearance, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the Saudi interpretation of the case. “I’m not satisfied with what I heard, but I do not want to lose all the investment [in Saudi Arabia], I do not want to lose a million jobs and $11 million.”


Foreign Media

According to the report from overseas websites, Saudi coalition forces attacked a school bus in northern Yemen on August 9, local time, killing at least 51 people, including 40 children, most aged between 6 and 11.


The ammunition used by the Allied forces in Saudi Arabia came from the US arms sales approved by the State Council. The weapon that caused the attack was a 500-pound (227-kilogram) laser-guided MK82 bomb, produced by Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the United States. In September, under constant pressure from the international community, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen admitted that the attack on school buses was unjustified.

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