The Brazil Robbers Carried 25 Hostages But No Casualties

This new is from Brazil. 5 of local robbers carried 25 hostages as arm in arm for nearly 1 kilometers of journey.


On Oct. 13, a hostage-taking incident took place in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazon state. Attempted robbers drove 25 hostages to serve as oversized human shields. Then the police acted decisively to kill the 5 of gangsters, 25 of the hostages no casualties, how miracle it is!

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At about 1:30 p.m. on the 13th in Brazil, a surveillance video of a lottery store in the city showed five armed suspects attacking a shop, which was packed with people paying their bills and participating in lottery activities. Vicious gangsters not only carry guns, but also carry flame lamps and gasoline. They threatened that if the robbery could not succeed, the building would be burned to death. The robbers ordered the cashier to hand over the income of the day, and asked the customers in the shop to hand over all his belongings. Another gunman pointed a gun at the cashier and forced him to hit the safety glass partition with a sledgehammer.


After receiving the alarm from nearby residents, the police arrived at the scene within minutes, and dozens of elite commandos and special forces snipers closely monitored the scene meanwhile police office also sent helicopter as aerial surveillance. One police negotiator tried to persuade the hostage-takers to release the hostages and stop the crime, but the gangsters refused. They asked the police to provide a car for them to escape, a lawyer to call in, and even asked the police to provide drugs to “calm their anger.”


Surrounded by the police, the gangsters thought of a strange trick to escape. The five criminals forced 25 hostages into a shield, arm in arm. They hid behind the hostages, forcing them to circle and shooting at the police, trying to break out of the police encirclement. The hostages walked arm in arm across the urban area and traveled nearly 1 kilometers.


On the one hand, the expert special police force snipers closely monitor the criminals. On the another hand, polices with shield tracked the criminals. At first, the special police force did not fight back at the gunmen, but only signaled to the hostages as hint that they were lying down together. In a moment, some hostages fell down, at the same time some scattered to shelter such as nearby vehicle. At that time, the special polices and the snipers on the roof fired at the same time. After fierce gunfire, 4 gangsters were killed, but all hostages were intact. One another gangsters were caught alive by the police after being forced into a blind alley.

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Pumpkin Garden Pizza

Pizza, a famous and traditional food in Italy, as famous as Spaghetti. However, now it is also popular around the world. The most of people from different countries have gradually accept this kind of cuisine and improve it with local flavor. Well, by this time let me teach you one recipe of pizza, I named it as Pumpkin garden pizza. Not only pumpkin garden pizza is delicious, but it is also with rich nutrition composition. At the first let me introduce you about its nutrition part as below, then the method of cooking.



About pumpkin, there are a lot of nutrition composition and minerals inside it.

  • Polysaccharides: Pumpkin polysaccharide is a non-specific immune enhancer, improving the body’s immune function, promoting the production of cytokines (cell factor).
  • Carotenoids: Rich carotenoids in pumpkins can be converted into vitamin A with important physiological functions in the body.
  • Pectin: Pumpkin’s pectin can regulate the absorption rate of food in the stomach so that carbohydrate absorption slowed down, meanwhile soluble cellulose can delay the emptying of food in the stomach so control the rise of blood sugar after meals.
  • Mineral elements: pumpkin is rich in cobalt, and the amount of cobalt in all kinds of vegetables as ranks first. Cobalt can activate the metabolism of human body and promote hematopoietic function.
  • Pumpkin Leaf: it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, meanwhile vitamin C content is very high so that it has excellent antipyretic and detoxifying The summer with pumpkin leaves boiled water to drink can play a role in eliminating heat and trouble.



Pumpkin puree, 100g

Wheat flour, 200g

Yeast, 2g

Pure water, proper

Pizza sauce, 2tablespoons

Cooked corn seeds, proper

Pea seeds, proper

Hot pepper, 1pcs

Bacon, 3pcs

Grilled sausages, 7pcs

Shredded cheese, proper



  1. About pumpkin, at the first we have to peel the skin of it, then steam to cook.
  2. After the pumpkin is cooked well, then mash the pumpkin.
  3. Add the proper wheat flour and yeast inside the pumpkin mash, then stir up them evenly.
  4. Add some water again then make a pumpkin dough.
  5. Store the pumpkin dosh in the freezer and ferment.
  6. The next day morning knead dough evenly.
  7. The sausages have to be fried and sauted through pan.
  8. Bacon with chopped, but not so big chop.
  9. Cooked corn seeds, pea seeds and peppers rings.
  10. Make a Pizza crust through rolling into a round by dough, then smear some butter in the Pizza baking dish.
  11. Pizza sauces are ready for the Pizza crust.
  12. Put the bacon as first layer, then pea seeds and corn seeds, finally it is pepper rings.
  13. Sprinkle some cheese minces on the pizza.
  14. Repeat the method 12 again.
  15. Put the roast sausages on the pizza then.
  16. Transfer the pizza into oven for 25 minutes with 195 degree Celsius.

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Novelty in Nature

Nature is very funny and novelty because there are a lot of things waiting us to discover in nature. Well, both human’s development and social progress depend on nature exploration by human. Perhaps someone may think about there are some risks never known by human in nature. Certainly, for novelty in nature must be with some risk, but it never stop our pace to research and discover from nature. Hereby, there are some simple natural phenomenons as below, whether you feel so novelty?

Why can not the ostrich fly?

A large ostrich is a species of birds, but they can not fly to heaven. Not because their wings do not work, however because their feathers are too soft and their wings are too small to fly. The Ostrich’s wings cannot be suitable to fly. Besides, the muscles of the ostrich are also not developed and the sternum is flat so both of these reasons cannot help to fly. The ostriches live in Africa, and their bodies have evolved into what they are now because they have lived in desert areas for a long time.


Why is the tail of a lizard bouncing after broken ?

In order to protect themselves, many lizards utilize sematic colors to cover other eyes and ears, meanwhile some lizards will lose their tails by severe muscle contractions when attacked. Based on the fact that part of the nerve in the broken tail is still alive, it bounces and distracts the enemy’s attention in order to the lizards may escape successfully. Do not think their lives will end like this. Actually it will take only a few months and then their tails will grow back and continue to live.

Why do babies cry all the time when they are born?

Babies always cry when they are born, not because they are unhappy, however they are breathing the first air. When babies leave their mothers’ bodies and are born, the first breath of air they take rushes into their throats, which pounds the vocal cords violently, vibrating vocal cord and then making a cry-like sound.

Why can not the human’s thumb have one or three phalanges?

Normally the person has five fingers, and the fingers have different lengths. But did anyone notice that there were three sections for other fingers except the thumb with only two section? It turns out that its number coincides with the other four fingers. If in the three phalanges, the thumb will be so weak that it can not lift heavy objects. If the thumb with only one section, it will not be able to cooperate with the other four fingers to hold tightly and freely.

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The Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes was the most mysterious of the ancient seven wonders, and collapsed in just 56 years. But as we can see from the image and pictures alone, it deserves to be called one of the seven wonders. Modern engineers have deduced a reasonable way of building from the techniques of the time, with regardless of modern earthquake engineering. Computer simulations show that an earthquake may cause rivets to fail, creating a chain reaction, causing the Statue of Helios to break off from the joint.


The bronze statue of The Colossus of Rhodes is made of countless weapons and copper products. The bronze statue was situated on the base of marble pillar of 15 meter high, and had been filled by stones along with process of building. There are other records that the bronze statue of The Colossus of Rhodes was above the harbour breakwater. The bronze statue of Helios, the sun god, was more than 30 meters (107 feet) high and was the tallest bronze statue in the world at the time and huge earth slopes were used to build the upper layer of the bronze statue. During the construction of The Colossus of Rhodes, the workers piled huge mounds of earth around the statue and removed it after completion, leaving only the Statue of Helios standing alone in the harbor. After 12 years of construction, the bronze Colossus of Rhodes was completed in 280 BC. The Colossus of Rhodes stood 56 years after its completion until the island was struck by a strong earthquake in 226 BC. The earthquake has seriously damaged most parts of Rhodes Island, including ports and commercial areas. The bronze Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed in the earthquake and collapsed on the top of the knee.


Profile of Island

The Rhodes island in Greece is the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea by Aegean. More than 2000 years ago, there was a prosperous port on the island – port Rhodes. Business here was very developed, shuttle merchant ships every day filled with waterways, a lively and vivid scene. The unique geographical location and huge commercial interests made Rhodes island a battleground for the military. According to the mention, the famous The Rhodes island of defends was occurred here.

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How to educate the Children

About education of children, there are a lot of valuable way to be adopted by the parents. Certainly, the most of parents will also know and learn how to educate the children. However, we found sometimes these methods are not working to their children. This phenomenon will make all of parents painful. Certainly, in meantime, there are some new mothers and fathers to doubt these ways’ effects. Actually, they omit key issues as below,

Softhearted Parents

Two days ago, I went out to dinner with my friends. One of them led her five year old son. After the child was seated, he did not rest for a second. He kept climbing and jumping up and down the chair, knocking the tableware and spilling tea and vegetable soup all over the table. Suddenly unaware, the boy sneaked out onto the road outside the restaurant. Then his mother within a cold sweat snatched him back. The mother complained to us how the children are so hard to manage now.


Half time through the meal, the child saw a banana boat at the next table and rushed to ask his mother, “Mom, I want ice cream.” “No, you cough, you can not eat and drink cold.” Mother answered very firmly.


“No, I will eat ice cream, mom, I beg you, give me ice cream, OK?” The little boy, who was just like a monkey, is now very obedient. “Mom, I beg you, Please.” The little boy still beg to his mother. Finally his mother compromised to the son and bought one for him.


“Softhearted parents” normally means mothers who lack principles. They are too soft-hearted to be spoiled or be unreasonable and made a scene by their children.  They also help the children to break the rules down while the parents often set rules for their children.

Education of Bottom Line

It is not wrong for parents to educate their children freely and equally, but freedom can not be equated with unlimited, irregular, bottomless line, let alone indulgence and inaction and ineffectual.

How To Educate Your Child

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Hardware Components of Computer

Hardware components of computer is also called constituent parts in terminology of computer science. The most of people are good at applying computer software for work or playing game, but they seldom think about about components of computer. How is the personal computer constituted? Perhaps, these basic knowledge may help you to save a lot of cost when you repair it. Let us have a look about each hardware component.

Main Frame

The computer components commonly placed in the chassis are commonly referred to as “mainframe”. It is the most important part of the computer, and the main components, such as motherboard, CPU and hard disk, are in the mainframe.


The full name of CPU is the “central processing unit”, which is made of a gilded material. Its function in PC can be said to be equivalent to the role of the brain in the human body. All computer programs are run by it.


The motherboard is also called main-Board. It is actually a circuit board, all of which are all kinds of circuits. It can be said that the nervous system of the PC, meanwhile CPU, memory, display card, sound card and so on are directly installed on the motherboard, and hard disk, floppy drive and other components also need to be connected through the wiring to motherboard.


Compared with external memory such as disk, memory refers to the internal memory that CPU can read directly, mainly in the form of chips. Memory is also called “main store”. Memory chips are commonly seen as strip, also known as “RAM which need to be inserted in the memory slot on the motherboard to work. Another kind of memory is called “cache”, which is usually built into the CPU or motherboard.

Graphic Card

The graphic card (Display Card) is an important component connecting the monitor and the PC motherboard. It is inserted in the expansion slot on the motherboard. It is mainly responsible for converting (decoding) the display signals sent by the mainframe to general electrical signals, so that the display can understand what the PC is doing with it. The display cards also have memory, called “Display Memory” which will directly affect the display effects according to memory size, such as definition and color richness and so on.

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Privacy Rocket is Launched in China

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, located in the depths of the Gobi Desert, is the earliest and largest integrated missile and satellite launch center in China, and the only manned space launch site in China at present. In the past 6 decades, 145 satellites, 11 spaceships and two space laboratories have been successfully launched at the Jiuquan satellite launch center. But by this time there is the first privacy rocket which has been launched from here successfully in September.


Who Made This Privacy Rocket

The privacy rocket is made from OneSpace, an technology Ltd was founded in October 11, 2016 in Beijing of China, legal representative Mr. Wu, the company’s business scope as aerospace technology development, technology transfer, technical advice, technical services, technical training, technical testing; launch vehicle and other spacecraft design and development; computer system services; application software services and so on.


Privacy Rocket Introduction

It is OS-X1 series sub-orbital rocket, named Chongqing Liangjiang Star, altitude 10.2 meters, diameter 0.85 meters, liftoff about 8.1 tons. Information without payload is available. According to statement of director of Onespace, every key points such as blasting off, separation of fairing and satellite rocket separation are all challenges and test.


The carrier rocket launched by this time carried three of cubic satellites. After entering the predetermined orbit, the rocket releases two of cubic satellites in turn, then entering the sub-orbit for flight test and one satellite had completed the recovery of parachute landing. This launch is also the first launch of the “one rocket, multi satellites” mission by China’s private commercial aerospace enterprises.


With the rapid development of space exploration technology companies in the United States, especially their rockets and cargo spacecraft undertook the relevant tasks of NASA and the International Space Station. Commercial space companies, especially private space companies participating in space launches, which is becoming a major development trend in the global space field. It is not the first time that China’s private space enterprises have launched rockets.

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Jose Mourinho and Paul Labile Pogba

Jose Mourinho’s confrontation with Paul Pogba came to the fore, and Mourinho publicly stripped the French mid-fielder of his role as deputy captain, while Paul Pogba made it clear that he wanted to go to Barcelona. Daily Mail reporters have debated who will leave Manchester United first between Pogba and Mourinho, the most of people will favor Jose Mourinho’s departure because of his poor record recently.

Opinion from JACK GAUGHAN

As things go on, both of them may leave Manchester United, but Jose Mourinho’s situation is more critical. He has not been able to lead the team to a consistent and good performance. No matter what you think of Paul Pogba, not being able to score at Old Trafford can be an overwhelming problem. Woodward certainly wants to keep Pogba as long as possible, but it’s still not clear how far he can go.



Paul Pogba is a disaster, obviously a black sheep, he has always been like this however Jose Mourinho is also the same.


A key difference is that Manchester United may still believe that Pogba has potential and value to make use of. If the Frenchman wants to transfer because of Mourinho, then things may change. If Paul Mourinho choose to go and Pogba are willing to stay, then Manchester United must want to keep the world-class player because there are not many such players at Manchester United team.



It was a regrettable period for Manchester United, with the manager setting a negative tone, starting with the messy preparation period of season.


Paul Pogba couldn’t go anywhere until January, so he is sure to stay at Old Trafford for at least three months. Jose Mourinho, however, is likely to leave before Christmas, and if that happens, it won’t be a surprise now.



Barcelona team needs Pogba and Pogba wants to go to Barcelona, all signs point to his departure. But there’s a long way to go before the January transfer or the deal doesn’t happen until summer. But before Manchester United has the chance to sell Pogba, the bad match’s result might have Mourinho leave from team earlier.

Different from CHRIS WHEELER

Pogba has made clear to Manchester United that he wants to transfer to Barcelona no matter who is the manager. Despite the breakdown of Pogba’s relationship with Mourinho, this is not the main reason he wants to leave Manchester United and the club knows it.

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Benefits of Skipping Rope

People always sayskipping for 10 minutes equals running for 30 minutes, No matter whether it is right, it is undeniable that the workout of skipping rope is not worse than running. Because skipping has more skills relative to jogging, it has a lot of exercise for human coordination and brain health.

Skipping is an aerobic exercise that has all the benefits of aerobic exercise, including promoting blood circulation, strengthening the body’s functions of heart and lung, and making people more energetic and spiritual, also making your cardiovascular system healthier. Skipping also can reduce fat, which allows the excess fat in the legs and buttocks to be quickly eliminated, making the whole body muscles more and more strong, and the whole body feels brisk. At the same time, this is also an aerobic exercise, so we can still maintain a good body. When you skip the rope, you need to hold your hands tightly and your feets should cooperate with your hands. It has a good exercise effect on the balance and coordination of your brain. It has a long-term effect on the health of the brain, too.

Refers to conducive to the heart, many people wonder how the skipping is good for the heart. In fact, skipping can improve our cardiovascular system and respiratory system. At the same time, to improve memory, many people have this habit when skipping, that is counting, in fact, we do not know, while counting, we also maintain the process of cerebral cortex excitement, the cerebral cortex will pass these messages to our brain, so during the long time, it is also very helpful for our memory.

To relieve cervical lumbar pain! Office workers sit in front of the computer every day, and they rarely exercise. After a long day, many white-collar workers feel back pain. If you can skip after work every day, it is very helpful to relieve back pain. Prevent osteoporosis! Skipping can also prevent osteoporosis, because skipping can promote bone cell metabolism, prevent bone softening, and increase bone strength, but if the amount of exercise is too large, it may damage bones and joints.


Perhaps many urban people are familiar as well as unfamiliar with skipping ropes. Familiarity is because skipping is a simple exercise, many people know about it; unfamiliar are that most people do not carry out this exercise. In fact, there are many benefits to stick skipping rope every day.

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The Elements Effecting the Development of E-commerce

  1. The industry and geographical development are uneven.

From the view of geographical distribution, e-commerce enterprises are mostly concentrated in economically developed regions, and based on the distribution of the industry, the proportion of the industrial sector is unsufficient, the proportion of the consumer goods industry is relatively high.

  1. SMEs’ perception of e-commerce is still shallow.

In China’s e-commerce market, the biggest problem currently exists is that SMEs have a low awareness of e-commerce. At present, only 42.6% of SMEs use e-commerce services, and there is a lot of room for development. Although under the influence of the financial crisis, some small and medium-sized enterprises began to realize the benefits of e-commerce and try to use e-commerce services, but most of the SMEs are still in a wait-and-see state, and their understanding of e-commerce is still shallow.

Therefore, both the government and enterprises need to do a good job in market cultivation, increase publicity, and do a good job in guiding and cultivating enterprises to participate in e-commerce, and enhance their confidence in e-commerce.

  1. Lacking e-commerce talents in SMEs.

At present, China’s e-commerce industry lacks experienced e-commerce talents, especially SMEs have great obstacles in absorbing talents. The promotion mode of e-commerce is different from the traditional mode of SMEs. SMEs have accustomed to the original traditional sales model, and need to change the original sales model when using e-commerce for promotion. Therefore, e-commerce operators need to help SMEs in talent development.

  1. Traditional industry and e-commerce are not very well integrated.

The rapid development of e-commerce is the most important change in the business field in the past two years, and it has also had an important impact on traditional commercial. In the future, these two commercial channels are converged or competing with each other, this is worthy of discussion by the industry. However, in the foreseeable future, the two channels will follow their respective logic. E-commerce covers a wide area, products can be put on the shelves indefinitely, reducing the rents of shops, warehousing and logistics, etc., and there are certain advantages in cost. The traditional offline resources can provide better design, better visual effects, enhance the shopping experience, increase consumer confidence, enhance brand value and so on. Competition is obviously not the result that the government wants to see, so it is very difficult to promote e-commerce to integrate with traditional industries.

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