The Future of Manned Space in China

At the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened on the 6th, a large number of aerospace heavy equipments were unveiled. Among them, China’s space station core cabin, a new generation of manned spacecraft and a new generation of manned launch vehicles began their first public appearances. You can have a glimpse of the future of China’s manned space flight.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the core space of the China Space Station set off a hijab in the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group exhibition area to reveal the true content. The core cabin of the exhibition is a 1:1 process validation cabin, and its status is almost identical to the real core cabin.

The basic configuration of the China Space Station includes the core cabin, the experimental cabin I and the experimental cabin II. Each cabin has a scale of 20 tons, the combined mass of the three cabins is about 66 tons, the rated crew is 3 people, and the short-term passengers can reach 6 people. The core cabin is the main control section of the space station, the management and control center, and the main place for the astronauts to live.

The reporter learned from the five institutes of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the core cabin has three pairs of interfaces and two parking ports. The parking port is used to assemble the two experimental and core cabins to form a space station combination; the interface is used for manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft and other aircraft access space stations. There is also an out hatch for the astronauts to leave the cabin.

It is understood that the core cabin is equipped with a materialized regenerative life support system to reduce the replenishment demand for the loss of materials. China’s space station will use electric propulsion technology to reduce propellant consumption.

At the same time, the space station robot arm was also exhibited together. The robotic arm has precise operation and visual recognition capabilities, both autonomous and remote control by astronauts.

Facing the future development needs of China’s manned space flight, the Fifth Academy is demonstrating the development of a new generation of manned space reciprocating transport aircraft. Its scaled version was unveiled at this year’s air show.

The reporter learned from the Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the new generation of manned spacecraft is about 9 meters long and has a maximum launch weight of 23 tons. It adopts two cabin configurations: return cabin and service cabin. The return cabin is the astronaut cockpit, and is also the command center of the entire ship, and assumes the responsibility of returning to the atmosphere to return to the Earth; the service cabin has the function of providing orbital maneuvering power and orbital energy.

Based on the existing technology of China’s manned spaceflight project, the spacecraft has adopted a series of advanced technologies. The modular design of the spacecraft can accommodate a variety of tasks such as low-Earth orbit, manned lunar exploration and manned deep space exploration.

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Development of China Mainland Real Estate

Referring to real estate in China mainland, we have to talk about its development in this decade. Going through the bad influence of 2008, and later booming development, now China real estate has entered into a stable situation however it dose not mean there is the rate which the housing price still walk to low according to past real case about Vanke industry. So let us have a look about the prediction of real estate in China, also the future development of real estate in China.

On the one hand, the demographic dividend, urbanization and other factors that support high housing prices, are gradually weakening. On the other hand, the development mode of local governments to sell land and blindly borrow money is also not long lasting. And when the government uses executive hand, it can no longer push up housing prices, perhaps it is time to roll out about the real estate tax.


In the past twenty years, anyone who has predicted the fall in house prices has almost miscalculated. Mr. Ren Zhiqiang, as the “dead enemy” of the Real Estate market, fulfilled his predictions one by one, so that many people firmly believed in his “big rise and small fall” rule of housing prices. So it means the total tendency of housing prices will be raised in the future. In Mr. Ren Zhiqiang’s view, the trend of house prices in the future is still upward, mainly based on the fact that the urbanization process will not be broken, even if it reaches the urbanization rate of 70% to 80% in developed countries, the rule of “big rise and small fall” will not be broken.


So, this decline in house prices as continuing to spread and deepen then eventually become a watershed to change China’s house prices for many years strong soaring, or China’s real estate market is really special with only rising and not falling? I think nobody may give a proper answer for that. Only the market of development tell something.


But one thing is for sure, there are no commodities and markets that only keep rising and falling. Today, compared with 10 years ago, the supply and demand of the real estate market, especially the purchasing power of the people in China, has changed dramatically and this change is no longer supporting the continued rise of housing prices. Human history has long proved that in the face of enormous debt pressure, any asset can not avoid the consequence of devaluation.

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American Bomb Kill Kid, Trump Denis Bomb Issue

President Trump has been debated recently over the issue of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. In an interview, US President Trump said the Saudi-led coalition used US-made weapons to kill civilians in Yemen because the attackers “would not use weapons correctly”.

Trump Reply

Asked whether he was troubled by the Saudi coalition’s use of US bombs to kill Yemeni civilians, Trump responded that the attack was a “terror show” and said it “did not cause him enough trouble,” the British Guardian reported when Trump interviewed with USA Media Axios. He also attributed the most fundamental cause of the attack to user’s failure.


“Basically because of those who do not know how to use the weapons, this is terrible, “Trump on August in Yemen in the vicinity of the attacks and said,” I will talk to the Saudis, but I certainly will not let those who do not know how to use weapons to shoot the bus carrying children”.


In the weeks following Kasuji’s disappearance, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the Saudi interpretation of the case. “I’m not satisfied with what I heard, but I do not want to lose all the investment [in Saudi Arabia], I do not want to lose a million jobs and $11 million.”


Foreign Media

According to the report from overseas websites, Saudi coalition forces attacked a school bus in northern Yemen on August 9, local time, killing at least 51 people, including 40 children, most aged between 6 and 11.


The ammunition used by the Allied forces in Saudi Arabia came from the US arms sales approved by the State Council. The weapon that caused the attack was a 500-pound (227-kilogram) laser-guided MK82 bomb, produced by Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the United States. In September, under constant pressure from the international community, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen admitted that the attack on school buses was unjustified.

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Indian Sweet Pancake

Indian food is very popular in Southeast Asia, Asia and now it is also spread widely to Europe and America. Meanwhile we should recommend Indian Sweet Pie for each one who have read my post. This is very simple to cook it. This is an ancient family favorite recipes. The crispy pancake is made in a frying pan. Everyone in our family loves it. By this time let me show you the recipe of it and hope every may enjoy this delicious Indian flavor food.


Wheat Flour 250 g

Salt 2 g

Water 150 ml

Sugar 50 g

Vegetable seed oil 15 ml



  1. Prepare a basin or similar container, then put the flour into the container. The next, put some salt and water to stir with flour together till it becomes soft dough. Then put the dough on the board meanwhile sprinkled proper flour on the board. Kneading dough for a while, then separate the dough into many segments such as golf ball size. Cover these small balls by wet cloth and preservative film.
  2. Take one flour ball (small dough), then rolling the dough with a rolling pin till it is very thin but it can not be broken. Evenly sprinkle some sugar powder then overlap and fold the thin flour piece like square, then rolling again till it becomes thin.
  3. Prepare a pan on the fire with some oil into the pan. Low heat the pan, then put the thin flour piece into the pan with frying 30 seconds to 1 minutes for each side. You may see the pancake becomes golden color, then you may eat it now.
  4. Repeatedly above methods, you may cook many pancakes as you like and taste it with some juice or milk tea.


It is very good cookie or staples, no matter which seasons you may prepare it to treat your friends or cook it for the party.

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How Much You Know About Ants

Ants are insects as alias ants, belonging to the Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Formicicus. There are more than 11,700 breeds of ants known in the world, including 283 genera and 21 subfamilies. There are more than 600 species of ants identified in China. New breed of asexual ants have also been discovered recently. Ants live long, workers can survive for weeks to 3-10 years, and Queens can survive for years or even ten years. An ant nest can grow in 1 places for several years or even more than ten years. Well, there is one more thing to popular science that termites do not belong to ants.

Form and Features

There are 21 subfamilies and 283 genera of ants (the mainstream is the taxonomic system of 16 subfamilies and 21 subfamilies compared to the new system, which has identified several subfamilies from the ponerine). Generally, the body is small with black, brown, yellow and red colors, and the body wall is elastic, smooth or slightly hairy. Mouthparts are chewy and upper jaw are well developed. The shape of feeler of Ants are like knee of people, the scape as extra long, 2 or 3 section expansion in end, and whole antenna with 4 to 13 segments. Its abdomen is nodular.


The outer part of the ant is divided into three parts: the chest, the abdomen and the six legs. The ant egg is about 0.5 millimeters long, with irregular oval, milky white, larva-like and worm-like translucency. Worker ants are small in size, about 2.8 millimeters in body and brown in body. Males and females are relatively large. Belly fat, head and chest brown color. The first half of the abdomen is brownish yellow and the latter half is brown.


Social Character

Ants are typical social groups. 3 elements of sociality: The same breeds can cooperate with each other to care for the larvae; With clear division of labor; At least two generations in the ant colony overlap (excluding individual cases), and the offspring can take care of the previous generation for a period of time.


Ants are also famous architects in the animal world. They use their jaws to dig holes in the ground and carry sand through every grains of sand to build their nest. The “room” of the ant nest will remain at the beginning of the construction unless the soil is seriously dried.

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Chinese New Year

New year, the first day of the year, is a popular holiday for most countries in the world. Every country in the world, especially in ancient times, has different dates. Most countries in the modern world are on 1st January, the year of the AD. In China,, New Year’s Day is called the lunar new year, and the Spring Festival is called the lunar new year. On that day, people will celebrate the coming of new year in various ways. So you will know that when Chinese New Year is coming, it is really prosperous with Firecracker and Lucky Character sticking on the windows and doors of every family.



The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is the beginning of a year. The traditional Chinese New Year is one of the four traditional festivals in China. The Spring Festival is commonly known as “New Year Festival”. The other traditional names include new year, early spring, the beginning of a year and so on. Spring Festival has a long history. It is evolved from the sacrificial activities of the head of the year in ancient times. Its origin contains rich and profound connotations of Humanities and natural culture.


In the folk, the traditional meaning of the Spring Festival in the old days was from the la worship of the Twelfth lunar month or twenty-third of the Twelfth lunar month or twenty-fourth of the Twelfth lunar month to the nineteenth day of the first month of the lunar year.


Spring Festival is a happy and peaceful festival, is a day for family and friends’ reunion together, is the bond to deepen people’s feelings. At the same time, it is an important carrier for people to release their emotions and satisfy their psychological demands. It is also the annual carnival and eternal spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation. People who have left their hometown for the Spring Festival are back home as much as possible to reunite with their relatives and share the joy of family relations.

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Great Historical Building in Malacca

I trust the most of tourists have travelled to the Malacca, Malaysia. This is good place for visit and also may enjoy famous and flavor food there. Actually in tropical countries, we may enjoy the coconut juice, meanwhile appreciate sea sight as well. If you feel boring, you may travel around the strait by board on Cruise Ship or Sightseeing Boat. Well, at the first, let me have a look below for some traveller have never been Malacca or the people who recalled this good time.

Malacca Strait

I believe that most people’s first impression of Malacca comes from the “Strait of Malacca” in geography books. Why do not you spend a few minutes in Malacca to see the sea and the familiar Strait in Malacca? The Andaman Sea links the northwest to the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea to the southeast. It is now jointly managed by Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. From the coast of Malacca, you can overlook the Strait of Malacca, and of course you can climb on the highest observation platform in Malacca to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum

Baba-Nonya provokes the descendants of Chinese immigrants in the Ming Dynasty, whose culture is influenced to a certain extent by local Malays or other non-Chinese race groups. This row of old houses on Tan Cheng Lock Road, Malacca, is a typical Baba-Nonya mansion designed to blend Chinese, Dutch and British Victorian features.

St. Paul’s Church

The St Paul church was built in 1521. Actually this church was built by Portuguese. Its another name is called Gereja St. Paul. The church is located in the Highlands, so the Dutch took the church as a castle after conquering and occupying Malacca. The war-torn ruins of St. Paul’s Church left many bullet holes in the exterior walls, and even the roof was blown up in the war. So the Dutch built the church, and the St. Paul church became the graveyard of the Holland nobility. The stone tablets, now erected in the church as written in Latin and Portuguese, were the tombstones of the nobles of the day.

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Parents Communication To Kids Is Important

Before we have discussed about how to communicate between parents and the kids. Communication is really important, moreover parents’ communication ways are more vital important. Let us seriously discuss this topic again according to key word Future, one out of 4 aspects Fact, Finding, Feeling and Future. I will show you parents communication to kids is important.


In the face of children’s mistakes, we must always remind ourselves that the purpose of education is to look at the future in the medium and long term, and not just to nostalgia for the right and wrong, lost and win. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the power struggle of “parents win or kids lose, kids have to admit their mistake.” This is especially important for children who are more self-conscious after three years old.


For example:

“You were late for kindergarten again, so you can not watch cartoons tonight.” – Focus on now, punish soon

“You have been late for kindergarten 3 days in a row this week. Let’s look for the reason and see where the problem is.” – solved issues rather than punished

“The parents can then allow you to watch cartoons, and if you’re late again, we are going to ban you from watching cartoons as a punishment.” – for the future


Many of the so-called “incorrigible” children, usually because our education is only focused on the present, “you do wrong this time, you have to accept punishment,” we take it for granted that the children accept the “punishment now,” will not be repeated in the future. But we overestimate the cognitive development of preschool children, and there is a lack of a bridge between “making mistakes now” and “not making mistakes in the future”, which it is “where the problem is, what the action plan is”. “discussion the Future” let us not be obsessed with our children’s current problems, but help them do better in the long run.

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Discussion About C Language Structure

According to last post about syntactic structure of C Language structure, by this time let us discuss about routine structure. These expertise are really basic knowledge to learn before you engage in this industry or only the people are interested in programming. Well, routine structure normally has to refer to three parts such as judgement statement (selective structure), loop statement (loop structure) and goto statement (loop structure: loop or not loop).

Judgement statement (selective structure)

If statement: if…else;

Switch statement: switch…case;


  • Below, there is an example for this kinds of statement application. Please have a look,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){    int x = 20;    int y = 22;    if (x<y)    {        printf(“Variable x is less than y”);    }return 0;}


Output should be as below,

Variable x is less than y


Loop statement (loop structure)

While statement: while; Do…while;

For statement: for…


  • Let us to read about another example about Do…While statement such as Syntax of do-while loop.

#include <stdio.h>int main(){         int j=0;         do         {                 printf(“Value of variable j is: %d\n”, j);                 j++;         }while (j<=3);         return 0;}


Output should be as below,

Value of variable j is: 0Value of variable j is: 1Value of variable j is: 2Value of variable j is: 3


  • The next is about while statement below,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){    int i=0;    while(i==1)    {         printf(“while vs do-while”);    }printf(“Out of loop”);}


Output should be,

Out of loop


  • This is example about for statement below,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){   int i;   for (i=1; i<=3; i++)   {       printf(“%d\n”, i);   }   return 0;}


Output should be below,



Goto statement (loop structure: loop or not loop)

Goto statement: Break; continue; return;


  • Here we go, there is the example for goto statement below,

#include <stdio.h>int main(){   int sum=0;   for(int i = 0; i<=10; i++){         sum = sum+i;         if(i==5){            goto addition;         }   }   addition:   printf(“%d”, sum);    return 0;}


Output is about:



In this example, we write a label as addition, so when the value of i reach to 5, then according to goto statement it jumps to addition. So the final sum value would be 10+5 equals to 15.


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Marketing Tactics in China Part 2


Well, I have posted related article for marketing tactics in China. By this time i will continue my share for completing it. Marketing tactics are really important for each enterprises no matter in China or other countries. However, according to different geography location, different traditional custom and culture, different living style of citizens, we have to respectively distinguish marketing tactics. In China, the most of people love to buy bargain things but also care about quality. So this is quite different from America or Europe. According to this issue I will analyse some Chinese marketing tactics as below,

Tactics of personal statement

Tactics of personal statement is to use the fact that a real person uses a product to produce good results as a case, then through publicity means to other consumers, to stimulate consumer purchasing desire strategy. Usually there are tabloids, promotional activities, case TV programs, magazines and journals and so on.


Media mix tactics

Media mix tactics is to combine the use of propagating the brand of all kinds of advertising media in a reasonable proportion so that stimulating consumer desire to buy and establishing and enhance the brand image. This way often is adopted by enterprises and merchants home and abroad. Because they may utilize different advertising media to widely publicity. It may gain more benefits and own more advantages.


Single appeal tactics

The single appeal tactics is to select the right consumer group according to the product’s efficacy characteristics, and accurately put forward the appeal point which can best reflect the product’s efficacy and satisfy the consumers.


Retailer Terminal packaging tactics

The so-called retailer packaging, is based on the performance of products, efficacy to realize various forms of publicity in the place with direct transactions with consumers. This kinds of place is such as supermarket, retailer store, convenient shop or patent shop and so on. The main form of retailer packaging tactics as below,

One, is putting up posters to introduce products or brands at the place customers shopping,

Two, is to lift the banner of promotional products at the place customers shopping,

Three, is to hang shop signs or front door light boxes, billboards with brand marks on the the place customers shopping,

Four, emotional communication is carried out to the terminal salesman, which affects the salesman and improves the salesman’s recommendation of the product.



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