Parents Communication To Kids Is Important

Before we have discussed about how to communicate between parents and the kids. Communication is really important, moreover parents’ communication ways are more vital important. Let us seriously discuss this topic again according to key word Future, one out of 4 aspects Fact, Finding, Feeling and Future. I will show you parents communication to kids is important.


In the face of children’s mistakes, we must always remind ourselves that the purpose of education is to look at the future in the medium and long term, and not just to nostalgia for the right and wrong, lost and win. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the power struggle of “parents win or kids lose, kids have to admit their mistake.” This is especially important for children who are more self-conscious after three years old.


For example:

“You were late for kindergarten again, so you can not watch cartoons tonight.” – Focus on now, punish soon

“You have been late for kindergarten 3 days in a row this week. Let’s look for the reason and see where the problem is.” – solved issues rather than punished

“The parents can then allow you to watch cartoons, and if you’re late again, we are going to ban you from watching cartoons as a punishment.” – for the future


Many of the so-called “incorrigible” children, usually because our education is only focused on the present, “you do wrong this time, you have to accept punishment,” we take it for granted that the children accept the “punishment now,” will not be repeated in the future. But we overestimate the cognitive development of preschool children, and there is a lack of a bridge between “making mistakes now” and “not making mistakes in the future”, which it is “where the problem is, what the action plan is”. “discussion the Future” let us not be obsessed with our children’s current problems, but help them do better in the long run.

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