Parents’ Problems in the Education of Children(II)

Too strict, love children is not the reason of too strict

It is good for children to be strict with discipline, but sometimes it may be too harsh, on the contract, it will counterproductive. In the past few years, the “Tiger-mother” education type was popular. Many parents to “spoil the child sticks the following” for the rearing creed, and they were considered to be good for their children. They were too harsh on their children. Treating your child’s test scores as the only or maximum concern, thus inhibiting the child’s nature, using the child as a victim of parental spirit, imposing and placing the parents’ wishes and expectations on the child, and abducting the parents’ regrets on the child .

It is the expectation for parents to hope their children can become dragon and phoenix, but excessively strict is definitely not an education method that should be encouraged and promoted. Even if the “Tiger-mother” education improves the children’s academic performance, even if it is admitted. To enter a good university, that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely right. It doesn’t mean the success of your child’s life and education.

Too strict, it is easy to cause children’s psychological and behavioral distortions, and even impact on their mind, or cause the child to lack the ability of independent thinking, or to create a barrier between the child and the parent, resulting in confrontation and rebellion. Children are not machines, they need independent thinking and their own opinion. “Submissive”, “cramming”, and “clubbing” education, will deprive their children of their thoughts and thoughts although they will obey the authority of their parents,. What’s more, It causes a strong confrontation between the child and the parents, especially with the increase of age, the increase of rebellious psychology in adolescence will also increase, your improper handling will cause the child to suppress the psychological outburst, and even make the child become your enemy. So if we too strict to our children, what problems will bring us?

  1. It is not conducive to correcting children’s mistakes. Being too strict may have the effect of correcting the child’s mistakes, they will feel more fear but not correct the mistake fundamentally.
  2. The test scores are not all standard of the children. The test scores are crucial for the child’s choice of school, college entrance examination, etc., but the test scores are not the children’s all, many students have excellent academic performance in middle school, but because of the depression, they are too relaxed in the university, and even the school work is ruined. Children need to be fully trained. The college entrance examination is not the key points. The real marathon is in our life.
  3. Family relations deteriorated, and children’s growth environment caused psychological problems. Too severe parent will make the relationship between the child and the parent too far away. The tense family atmosphere will affect the child’s life, making the child’s personality become depressed, nervous and even hateful. The child has problems in study, school and life, especially they did something wrong, they didn’t dare to talk to their parents.

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