Post- 90s, parents have begun to educate their children to “take precautions” (I)

A survey shows that Chinese parents are more anxious, academic achievement, campus safety, and mobile addiction become the main cause of parental anxiety.

On September 16th, the China Parent Education Anxiety Index Survey Report showed that Chinese parents are generally in an anxious state. Children are most anxious in kindergarten and primary school, entering junior high school, high school and university. Then there is a downward trend. The report was conducted from 70 to 90 parents and 3,205 valid questionnaires. The survey covered four aspects: social environment, educational resources, family relationships and parental growth. check here The report shows that academic performance, campus safety, and mobile addiction have become the three main causes of parental anxiety. The survey found that more than half of the parents were anxious about the influence of the school district. After 90, parents began to educate their children to ”take precautions”; after 80, the ”second child” anxiety was at a high level; 75% of parents felt highly anxious about their own development.

Nearly half of the surveyed parents said that acceptable education costs are 40% of household income. In terms of gender comparison, Chinese mothers spend more time and energy than their fathers in their children’s education. Mothers are more willing to pay higher fees for their children’s education. Nearly 70% of parents recognize extracurricular training, and 45% of parents are optimistic about “online + offline” integration teaching mode; 90% of parents believe that soft power is more important than scores, pay attention to the comprehensive ability of children.check here

“The core of solving family education anxiety is to restore the child to a person with independent personality. In the face of children, parents need to know the unique characteristics of the child, accept the child’s imperfections, respect the child’s independent ideas, and support the child’s reasonable decision. Appreciate the results of your child’s efforts and care for your child’s sensitive mind.” In the “2018 First International Education Parents Meeting”, Dr. Zhang Yijun, a famous psychologist and emotional intelligence education expert, analyzed the main cause of parental anxiety: “The main reason for most parents’ anxiety is that their inner self is not strong enough to lose their education direction in many comparative environments. In order to lose control of one’s own emotions, they begin to become anxious. In addition, anxiety makes parents rarely encourage children,check here and it is easy for children to fall into inferiority and become difficult to integrate into the group.”

“As part of the education system, educational institutions need to bring education that is more in line with the quality of education to children through our products and services, and together with schools and families to become a strong educational community. To achieve better results, We must help our children to expand their learning ability so that they can continue to expand and supplement themselves in the face of new knowledge. In addition to the knowledge of a certain subject, we must pay attention to the growth that affects the child’s life.”

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