PP S Spunbond Machine

This machine is appropriate for PP spunbond non woven texture making. It utilized PP chips as unrefined components input, goes through the course of expulsion, turning, extinguishing, conclusion air extending, web development, calendaring, winding and cutting according to prerequisites and afterward pressed for capacity and conveyance.


1.1 Product use

This machine is utilized for the development of polypropylene spunbond, turning and drawing, compounding and hot-rolling built up nonwoven textures. The machine utilizes polypropylene cuts as the vitally natural substance, enhanced by shading masterbatches and added substances like cancer prevention agent, PP S Spunbond Machine antistatic and fire resistant, to create polypropylene spunbond and meltblown composite nonwoven textures in various tones and with various properties to suit various applications. It tends to be utilized in clinical, wellbeing, farming, development, geotechnical and different enterprises, just as life, family with an assortment of dispensable or solid materials.

1.2 Process stream

Single S creation line: polypropylene cuts [spunbond MFI (230/2.16) = 30 ~ 40g/10min, and added substances → attractions, metering, blending gadget → screw extruder → liquefy channel → metering siphon, passing on → turning kick the bucket, spinnerets dissolve turning machine → cooling, drafting gadget → dispersion, spreading screen → spreading machine screen passing on → hot moving machine support → twisting machine into rolls → cutting machine cutting strips, Packaging

S/SS/SMS PP spunbond nonwoven producing machine for shopping packs, clean materials, clinical nonwovens

Spunbond nonwoven fabricating machine for shopping sacks, sterile materials, clinical nonwovens

PP Spunbond Nonwoven Manufacturing Machine

This machine utilizes polypropylene (PP) as natural substance and embraces the guideline of fake fiber turning, which is finished by mechanical hot squeezing. The entire cycle from taking care of to releasing is consequently controlled, the creation interaction is short and the proficiency is high.

  1. This line is a filamentary polypropylene fiber spunbond nonwoven machine.
  2. It is made of polypropylene (pp) and utilizes the turning standard of man-made strands. During the time spent polymer fibers, persistent fibers are stretched out into strands, which are finished by mechanical hot squeezing in the middle.
  3. The machine gathering we use is the current progressed single-plate number space air drawing innovation; the entire cycle from taking care of to release is consequently controlled for short creation cycles and high proficiency.
  4. The non-woven textures we produce have high strength, great adaptability, innocuousness, actinium opposition, consumption obstruction, high levek elasticity and lengthening.
  5. They are generally utilized in articles of clothing, enriching materials, clinical and sterile materials, every day family merchandise and modern and horticultural fields.
  6. What’s more, this line can create various tones, grams and strings of non-woven textures as indicated by our necessities.
  7. Widths: 1.6m, 1.8m, 2m 2.4m, 3.2m, 4m and 4.2m or redid widths.
  8. Designs on non-woven textures: dabs, crosses, straight lines.

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