Self-Aligning Double Row Ball Bearings

Profound notch metal balls are especially adaptable. They are straightforward in plan, non-detachable, reasonable for high and extremely high paces and are strong in activity, requiring little support. Since profound score metal rollers are the most generally utilized bearing sort, they are accessible in numerous plans, variations and sizes.

C&H can offer the accompanying profound section china ball bearing supplier metal roller bearings

  1. Small scale
  2. Single column in measurement and inch measurement
  3. Single column profound notch metal balls with filling spaces
  4. Twofold column
  5. Accuracy and Low clamor
  6. Tempered steel with food grade oil
  7. Mixture – ceramic ball + steel rings
  8. Complete ceramic ( ZrO2, Si3N4 )
  9. Very fast ( 150,000RPM – 500,000RPM )

Specialized Specifications

C&H Part number framework


Oil type

Inner leeway


Commotion and Vibration

Shaft and Housing Fitting

Self-Aligning Double Row Ball Bearings are intended to work in applications where extreme misalignment exists whether from mounting or shaft redirection. The inward raceway of the external ring in blend with two columns of balls work over a wide scope of contact points. Besides it adjusts itself accurately with the shaft and gathering without causing unnecessary weight on the remainder of the bearing get together.

Standard Self-Aligning Double Row Ball Bearings are created with straight bores; notwithstanding, tightened exhausts are accessible upon demand. Significant is that oneself adjusting metal ball has the most reduced grinding of every single moving bearing, which empowers it to run cooler even at high velocities. Besides, the plan takes into consideration simple mounting and getting off.

Self-Aligning Double Row Ball Bearings come in three numeric series which address the greatest determined level of misalignment and burdens:

1200 Series – Can be skewed 2.5°

1300 Series – Can be skewed 3.0°

2200 Series – Can be skewed 2.5° – more extensive than the 1200 Series

11200 Series – with more extensive internal ring

Types accessible

Squeezed sheet steel confine, Nylon confine, Brass confine

Nitrile elastic seal – sheet steel upheld

Self-adjusting twofold column metal roller index

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