SKODA SUV For More Outdoor Sports(II)


SKODA flagship SUV retrofitted, 189,900 RMB, low-end vehicles enjoy high-end vehicle allocation. This is the model from Shanghai Automobile Co., Ltd, which VW group cooperated in China.

Recently, SKODA Shanghai Automobile Co., Ltd. officially launched the 2019 Kodiak. The new car provides two types of power for a total of 7 models. The price range is 1899-2699 million yuan. While the price is adjusted slightly, the configuration has been greatly optimized.Click Here For More.

The interior and exterior design of the new car continues the old model. As a popular brand, Kodiak’s interior has a strong popular style, mainly composed, while the appearance is more fashionable and younger than the public, and the temperament difference is obvious.Click Here For More.

In the case of little change in the price of the corresponding models, the new car modification focuses on optimizing the configuration, such as adjusting the TSI330 5 luxury version to TSI330 7 comfort version (5 seats to 7 seats), TSI330 7 two-drive luxury technology version to TSI380 7 four-drive luxury enjoyment version (two-drive change to four-drive).

At the same time, at the existing configuration level, many high-quality vehicle configurations are decentralized, including all-liquid crystal digital instrument, double USB charging interface in back row, front-reversing radar, automatic parking, driving assistance system, intelligent OFF-ROAD off-road mode, etc. Power continues to use 2.0T + 7DCT power combination, there are two adjustments of high and low power, which correspond to the performance parameters of L 2.0T high and low power version.Click Here For More.

It is worth mentioning that for the two brothers, Kodiak and Touguan L, the power is exactly the same (not to mention the 1.4T version of Touguan L), the wheelbase is exactly the same and the configuration is not very different. Besides, the top model of Kodiak is about 90,000 yuan cheaper than Tiguan L, and the former has 7 seats (the latter only 5 seats), but now it is available. In fact, the pursuit of “genuine public” is obviously more.


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