Solar panels in photovoltaic power generation systems

Photovoltaic support is a special support for the placement, installation and fixing of solar panels Quality l profile steel in photovoltaic power generation systems. The angle, orientation and arrangement of the installations affect the power output of the entire photovoltaic power generation system.

Photovoltaic brackets are available in a variety of classifications. They are divided into welded and assembled according to the connection method; they are divided into fixed and daily according to the installation structure; they are divided into ground and roof according to the installation location. Regardless of the type of photovoltaic system, the brackets are generally similar, including connectors, columns, keels, beams, and auxiliary parts.

Ground photovoltaic system bracket:

The ground-based photovoltaic system refers to the photovoltaic system in which the installation site is selected to open on the open ground. It is generally in the form of concrete block foundation, and can also be directly buried or ground anchored. (Special foundation conditions need to consult professional soil mechanics designers)

The bracket is mounted in the form of a concrete block foundation.

Direct buried photovoltaic power generation system.

Roofing photovoltaic system bracket:

The roof is divided into slope surface and plane according to the angle of inclination. For slope roofing, it is usually arranged in a tiling manner to conform to the slope of the roof. It can also adopt a layout with a certain inclination angle to the roof, but this method is relatively complicated; . For flat roofs, there are two options: tiling and tilting at a certain angle.

Beveled roof, the brackets are arranged in accordance with the slope.

The flat roof section is tiled with PV modules.

Flat roof, the components are inclined at an angle to the ground.

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