Some Uses of Aluminium Foil

Although you may use this “metal paper” in many applications around the house, we are willing to bet that you may not know there are many other rather clever uses. From sharpening and decorating to general home improvement, aluminum foil is more than just your preferred food packaging solution. Here are some of the less well-known aluminum foil uses, some of which may be a bit unnecessary, while others have proven to be legitimate life hacks!seamless steel pipe manufacturer

Some Uses of Aluminium Foil

1.Strengthen your WiFi router signal

Are there any problems with your WiFi signal in some corners of the house? Need it to reach the garage or pool area? Don’t worry, there is a fairly straightforward way to boost your WiFi router signal with aluminum foil.

2.Sharpen your scissors

Simply fold a piece of foam to a thickness of 4-5 layers and then use a blunt cut to sharpen the knife. It may not be the most effective way to sharpen your scissors, but it costs more than on the “scissors sharpening device” (does this even exist?).

3.Seal non-resealable food bags and pouches

We often find this situation, the food is sold in unsealed pouches or sachets, the number of which is clear at a glance. We often open a packet of ketchup and only use the small amount of ketchup we need in our recipes. Then we throw away the remaining paste, or worse, we put a small Tupperware just because it got lost in the dark abyss of the refrigerator, until a few months later, a hungry teenager was in a hungry raid I found the furry bathtub now.

Solution: Fold the bag and iron it with aluminum foil. Basically, you melt the bag and use aluminum to prevent the bag from melting onto your iron. Please note that some pouches and sachets are made of non-plastic compounds that do not melt, in which case you can simply place the pouch in a small plastic lunch bag and seal the lunch bag in this way.

4.Keep bananas fresh longer

Bananas… For many people, buying a bunch of bananas is a kind of “vision and insight.” Our mindset is this: “If I buy these now, I will eat it for a week at breakfast.” Only Thursday to the character, our ‘squash has turned brown and woke up on Friday to look like cornflakes. Sometimes we consider baking banana bread and pretending that we are going to make them too cooked, but most of the time we throw them away and feel bad. It is a better way. This way only needs what is already in your kitchen. You guessed it, aluminum foil!

Solution: Divide the banana bunch into a single banana and simply wrap the banana stem in aluminum foil or plastic. This method prevents the ethylene gas naturally produced during the ripening process from reaching other parts of the fruit and allowing it to mature prematurely. You can remember this last point. When you tell your friends this beautiful trick, you will look like an absolute genius!4×4 square tubing

5.Use AAA batteries in AA battery equipment.

It happened to our best people, now it’s 9pm, you relax on the couch in your pajamas, watch TV, when the remote control battery determines the end of the power struggle. The AAA batteries you can find in the house are bought by someone, very good, careless or not at all.

Solution: Use a small foil and make a small wedge to accommodate the gap between the loose battery and the connecting contactor. You went, a simple and effective solution. Please note that this is a temporary solution that may damage your device, so use it at your own risk.



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