Stick to the Resisted Movement, Consuming ”Sugar” Effectively(II)


The movement of the legs in the swimming: the legs should pay attention to straightening, the ankles should be relaxed,Click Here For More.  and the calves should be driven by the thighs. If you feel that your thigh is very tired, you will prove that the action is correct; if you feel that your calf is very tired, you need to correct the action. In general, the freestyle swimming average of 6 kicks and 2 strokes is a reasonable frequency match. In particular, it is a mistake to stop a person from kicking after the arm is in force. No matter what the arm does, don’t stop kicking.

Swim time should be fixed: 40 minutes each time, generally no more than 45 minutes.Click Here For More.


Diabetic patients exercise resistance training or strength training such as dumbbells, can exercise muscles, Click Here For More. increase muscle calorie storage, and lower blood sugar levels. When starting exercise, use a small dumbbell and exercise 2~3 times a week for 15~20 minutes. Then, according to the exercise situation, gradually increase the exercise intensity and weight of the dumbbell. It is not recommended to exercise the same part of the muscle for 2 consecutive days. Each strength exercise can choose 5~10 movements, involving different muscle groups, each action is done in 3 groups, each group repeats 10~15 times, and each group rests for 2~3 minutes.

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