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A little caution about mechanical design

Rarely can see everyone about mechanical design thinking of a few insights tweets, today just the whim to write a little about their own thinking about the design, you may feel fake, big, empty, but hope to take these questions to watch and learn from the relatively good design around us.

1, design needs rules.

The first key point of mechanical design is the completion of the design task, along with the realization of the task, brings another key issue is reliability, and the last is the cost issue. So the rules are necessary to identify the rules additionally need to think about the rules, that is, the source of information of these design reference manuals, as well as the nature of physics and mathematics based on which piece of ascension is done, so we say every day to look at the design manual, check the design manual may many times are skin deep, along with the electronic manual of the rapid query, the design is not robot-like view those data, but experience understanding Those data contained in the mathematical and physical meaning.

2, design needs to break the rules.

If a layer of unchanging that will lose the joy of creation, if excessive defiance of the rules, will fall into the design of the awkward drama, resulting in design errors. So the design should not pursue the so-called standard parts, but based on the environment to make appropriate adjustments, based on the corresponding conditions to make improvements, the design needs to be wild, but more careful verification.

3、Math is very close to you.

Optimization design in many designs in fact a lot, just often can not be more reliable, intuitive mathematical expressions to show, but he did accompany the entire design process, including thinking about space, for the vertical, horizontal space understanding.

So mechanical design is often thought of in the context of geometry and mathematics. Many times I often ask people if the design of a mechanical subtractor how to do, design a mechanical segmentation function how to do, can answer few people.

4, to have self-confidence.

Do mechanical design needs to dare to break the deadlock of determination and courage, standing in the era of industrial manufacturing and mechanical design ideas more convenient, we should have the confidence to make a better design, complete a better design, this is the opportunity given to you by the times, and your greatest contribution to this era is your thinking and design.

In all such cases, with everyone.