The Brazil Robbers Carried 25 Hostages But No Casualties

This new is from Brazil. 5 of local robbers carried 25 hostages as arm in arm for nearly 1 kilometers of journey.


On Oct. 13, a hostage-taking incident took place in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazon state. Attempted robbers drove 25 hostages to serve as oversized human shields. Then the police acted decisively to kill the 5 of gangsters, 25 of the hostages no casualties, how miracle it is!

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At about 1:30 p.m. on the 13th in Brazil, a surveillance video of a lottery store in the city showed five armed suspects attacking a shop, which was packed with people paying their bills and participating in lottery activities. Vicious gangsters not only carry guns, but also carry flame lamps and gasoline. They threatened that if the robbery could not succeed, the building would be burned to death. The robbers ordered the cashier to hand over the income of the day, and asked the customers in the shop to hand over all his belongings. Another gunman pointed a gun at the cashier and forced him to hit the safety glass partition with a sledgehammer.


After receiving the alarm from nearby residents, the police arrived at the scene within minutes, and dozens of elite commandos and special forces snipers closely monitored the scene meanwhile police office also sent helicopter as aerial surveillance. One police negotiator tried to persuade the hostage-takers to release the hostages and stop the crime, but the gangsters refused. They asked the police to provide a car for them to escape, a lawyer to call in, and even asked the police to provide drugs to “calm their anger.”


Surrounded by the police, the gangsters thought of a strange trick to escape. The five criminals forced 25 hostages into a shield, arm in arm. They hid behind the hostages, forcing them to circle and shooting at the police, trying to break out of the police encirclement. The hostages walked arm in arm across the urban area and traveled nearly 1 kilometers.


On the one hand, the expert special police force snipers closely monitor the criminals. On the another hand, polices with shield tracked the criminals. At first, the special police force did not fight back at the gunmen, but only signaled to the hostages as hint that they were lying down together. In a moment, some hostages fell down, at the same time some scattered to shelter such as nearby vehicle. At that time, the special polices and the snipers on the roof fired at the same time. After fierce gunfire, 4 gangsters were killed, but all hostages were intact. One another gangsters were caught alive by the police after being forced into a blind alley.

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