The Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes was the most mysterious of the ancient seven wonders, and collapsed in just 56 years. But as we can see from the image and pictures alone, it deserves to be called one of the seven wonders. Modern engineers have deduced a reasonable way of building from the techniques of the time, with regardless of modern earthquake engineering. Computer simulations show that an earthquake may cause rivets to fail, creating a chain reaction, causing the Statue of Helios to break off from the joint.


The bronze statue of The Colossus of Rhodes is made of countless weapons and copper products. The bronze statue was situated on the base of marble pillar of 15 meter high, and had been filled by stones along with process of building. There are other records that the bronze statue of The Colossus of Rhodes was above the harbour breakwater. The bronze statue of Helios, the sun god, was more than 30 meters (107 feet) high and was the tallest bronze statue in the world at the time and huge earth slopes were used to build the upper layer of the bronze statue. During the construction of The Colossus of Rhodes, the workers piled huge mounds of earth around the statue and removed it after completion, leaving only the Statue of Helios standing alone in the harbor. After 12 years of construction, the bronze Colossus of Rhodes was completed in 280 BC. The Colossus of Rhodes stood 56 years after its completion until the island was struck by a strong earthquake in 226 BC. The earthquake has seriously damaged most parts of Rhodes Island, including ports and commercial areas. The bronze Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed in the earthquake and collapsed on the top of the knee.


Profile of Island

The Rhodes island in Greece is the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea by Aegean. More than 2000 years ago, there was a prosperous port on the island – port Rhodes. Business here was very developed, shuttle merchant ships every day filled with waterways, a lively and vivid scene. The unique geographical location and huge commercial interests made Rhodes island a battleground for the military. According to the mention, the famous The Rhodes island of defends was occurred here.

Let us Have A Look About History and Culture about Ancient Seven Wonders.

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