The fundamental framework line

Front side welding: The transport bar is welded to the fundamental framework line of the front side (negative terminal) of the battery. The transport bar is a tinned copper strip. The welding machine can spot weld the strip on the fundamental lattice line in numerous focuses. The warmth hotspot for welding is an infrared light (utilizing the warm impact of infrared beams). The length of the lace is around double the length of the side of the battery steel h beam manufacturers. The additional patch strip is appended to the back anode of the back cell when fastened on the back side.

Battery test: Due to the arbitrariness of the creation states of the battery, the presentation of the delivered battery isn’t the equivalent. Hence, so as to viably join the batteries with a similar presentation or comparable exhibition, the battery ought to be grouped by its presentation parameters; The battery is arranged by testing the yield parameters (current and voltage) of the battery. So as to improve the use pace of the battery, a certified battery get together is created.

Sun oriented photovoltaic module battery get together process

Official: like appending an edge to the glass; joining an aluminum casing to the glass segment to build the quality of the segment, further fixing the battery part and drawing out the administration life of the battery. The hole between the bezel and the glass part is loaded up with silicone tar. Each edge is associated by a corner key.

Patch intersection box: bind a case at the back of the get together to encourage the association between the battery and other hardware or batteries.

High-voltage test: High-voltage test alludes to applying a specific voltage between the part outline and the cathode lead to test the weight opposition and protection quality of the segment to guarantee that the photovoltaic segment isn’t harmed under the unforgiving regular conditions (lightning strike, and so forth.).

Segment testing: The motivation behind the test is to adjust the yield intensity of the battery, test its yield attributes, and decide the quality degree of the part.

back arrangement: back welding is to associate 36 batteries in arrangement to shape a part string, the present procedure is manual, the battery is primarily situated by a layer board, there are 36 sections on the highest point of the battery The size of the opening relates to the size of the battery. The situation of the opening has been structured. Various determinations of the parts utilize various layouts. The administrator utilizes the patching iron and bind wire to weld the front anode (negative) of the “front battery” to the back. On the back cathode (positive anode) of the battery, 36 pieces are consecutively associated in arrangement and the leads are patched to the positive and negative terminals of the segment string.

Covered laying: After the rear is associated in arrangement and passed the assessment, the segment string, glass and cut EVA, glass fiber and support board are laid by a specific level, prepared for overlay. The glass is covered with a layer of reagent to build the bond quality between the glass and the EVA. When laying, guarantee the general position of the battery string and glass and different materials, change the separation between the batteries, and establish the framework for overlay.

Photovoltaic module overlay: Put the laid battery into the covering machine, clear the air in the get together by vacuuming, and afterward warmth to combine the EVA to bond the battery, glass and back sheet together; at long last cool the expulsion get together c profile steel makers. The cover procedure is a key advance in the generation of segments, and the overlay temperature overlay time is controlled by the idea of the EVA. When utilizing quick relieving EVA, the cover process duration is around 25 minutes. The relieving temperature was 150 °C.

Cutting: When the EVA is softened after cover, it will be stretched out outward to shape a burr because of the weight, so it ought to be cut off after overlay.

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