The Information Security Issues in Internet of Things(II)

When we enjoy the convenience that the Internet of Things brings to life, Click Here For More. security issues have already occurred. During the meeting between US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un from June 11 to 12, 2018, the Singapore network suffered a cyber attack that attacked almost all computer systems from VoIP phones to IoT devices. In China, the security of the Internet of Things is also shocking. In 2017, security incidents such as “family camera intrusion” and “WiFi device WAP2 security protocol were cracked” were continuously released, and the security of the Internet of Things was pushed to the forefront. Just like the plot in the film, once a large-scale Internet of Things attack occurs, it may cause personal information leakage, property damage, and even personal safety.Click Here For More.

In addition, too centralization is also a problem facing the Internet of Things industry. Click Here For More. To put it bluntly, the information passed on the Internet of Things is still information. At present, almost all users’ usage information will be transmitted to the cloud. Once a problem occurs in the cloud, the privacy of all users will not be guaranteed. Finally, the amount of computing in the Internet of Things is huge. The more “connected” home appliances, the greater the amount of calculation. However, the current computing power of conventional computers cannot further satisfy the demand for computing power of the Internet of Things.

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