The Most Clever Marine Animal(II)

The largest octopus is the Enteroctopus dofleini in the North Pacific Ocean, in February 1973, a diver caught a large octopus at the Shahoud Canal in Washington. The Octopus was 15.6 meters in diameter and weighed 53.6 kilograms when its wrists and feet unfolded. The octopus, 1.5-2 meters long, is about 6 millimeters in diameter and more than 100 grams in


Jim, an octopus expert who has been working on Octopus research for many years,click points out that octopus has “conceptual thinking” and can solve complex problems by itself, which makes it have the ability to walk with two feet. He also noticed on the post as the octopus is one of the most diverse creatures that ever appeared on earth comparing to Human. The octopus has very developed eyes and this is the only similarity between the octopus and humans. It is quite different from humans in other ways: the octopus has three hearts, two memory systems (one is the brain memory system, the other is directly connected to the sucker), 500 million neurons in the octopus brain, and some very sensitive chemical and tactile receptors. This unique nerve structure makes it more capable of thinking than ordinary animals.

Scientists have tested octopus: click scientists put a glass bottle containing lobster into the water, but the bottle was corked. The Octopus revolved around the bottle for a few times and then wrapped it around with its limbs. Then it pulled the cork with its limbs from various angles and finally pulled it out successfully to get a good meal.

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