The ways to choose single girder bridge crane

The industrial performance of cranes in the entire crane format change is a major concern for customers, and the good choice of single girder bridge cranes is more difficult for some customers to choose. In the process of entanglement, there may be some ideas and attitudes that you want to change. Then, what are the options for choosing a single girder bridge crane in this swing?

How to choose a single girder bridge crane?

First,choose a crane with high degree of automation and good welding quality.

The longitudinal beam welding of the main beam of the crane requires relatively high-end technology. The welding mainframe also needs to complete the overall connection to avoid the gap. The overall appearance state should also be the tool of the crane. The shape of the layout should have too much thinking and understanding of the overall tool adjustment of the single girder overhead crane.Overhead Crane from China Manufacturer

Secondly,select shot peening, the surface roughness reaches the specified level

Since many single girder bridge cranes are suitable for the treatment of steel surfaces, the use of such cranes will be clearer and ensure the smooth use of the entire machine, and the quality of the coating applied to the steel surface is also determined. The requirements should not be arbitrarily chosen and should ensure that they are not peeled off and aesthetically pleasing when applied neatly.

Third, choose the integrated production of the entire crane without sewing the gap

Integrated single girder bridge cranes should pay more attention to overall production. For a seamless connection, it is necessary to ensure a change in the state of the tool to provide aesthetics and to adjust the solid object in the state of a durable tool. The drilling device can also be used as one of the quality inspection data using the method.

The goal of the single-girder bridge crane, which has been known for many years, is carefully arranged by a group of carefully arranged craftsmen. The choice of single girder bridge cranes requires not only the selection of shot peening and surface roughness to the required level, but also the choice of cranes with a high degree of automation and excellent weld quality, as well as the overall choice. Integrated production crane without stitching joints.

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