Traditional Meal – Fried Rice with Soy Sauce(I)

I feel the most delicious food is about fried rice. No matter Chinese fried rice or Southeast Asia fried rice, both of them are my favorite. In fact, Fried rice with soy sauce is a home staple food. The main ingredients are rice (cold rice is better), with meat grains, eggs, onions and soy sauce fried until cooked. Fried rice with soy sauce can be added a little sour or spicy taste according to personal taste, and ingredients can also be added according to personal preferences. Today, showing you about recipe of fried rice with soy sauce.check here

About Soy Sauce

Soy, commonly known as soy sauce, is mainly brewed from soybean, check here wheat, salt through oil production, fermentation and other procedures. The ingredients of soy sauce are complex. Besides salt, there are also many kinds of amino acids, sugars, organic acids, pigments and spices. It is mainly salty, but also has delicious, fragrant and so on. It can increase and improve the taste of dishes, but also add or change the color of dishes. There are two kinds of soy sauce: dark soy sauce and light soy sauce: light soy sauce is more salty, and dark soy sauce is light taste, which is used to colour.

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