What is Marketing Economy(II)

(3) The basis of economic operation is market competition. From the concept of market economy, the effectiveness and fairness of competition are generally emphasized. Such as the United States antitrust law, Germany’s opposition to the competition law, Japan’s prohibition of monopoly law and so on. Only by incorporating the activities of various market stakeholders into the framework of the law can we maintain the orderly and normal operation of market competition.

(4) Implement necessary and effective macroeconomic regulation and control. In the period of freely competitive market economy, the economic function of the state is mainly to protect the order of economic development and not directly interfere with economic operations. However, under the conditions of modern market economy, the state’s intervention and regulation of the economy has become a regular and stable institutional requirement. The government can use economic plans, economic means, legal means and necessary administrative means to intervene and regulate the economy. Its purpose is to provide guarantees for the normal operation of the economy; on the other hand, to make up for and correct market defects.

(5) Internationalization of economic relations. The modern market economy is an open economy, which enables the economies of all countries to enter the international cycle in line with the principle of mutual benefit, strengths and weaknesses. The internationalization of economic activities is not only manifested in the international import and export trade, capital flows, technology transfer and the development of intangible trade, but also in the general recognition and participation of various rules and practices for coordinating international interests.

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