Build A House for the family

To build a house for the family is always the dream of us. The most people expect to own a house belonging to own with family members. Warnth, comfort and content around the whole family should be one kinds of pursuit after busy time in office, work overtime often, commute in time everyday and so many chaos and trouble matters. We may save enough money to build a house for the family then completely satisfy own wish or dream. These all are worthy but how to build a house with regular methods? Certainly, no matter how, the basic requirement as quality is important such as stainless steel nail is much better than iron nail. So materials choice should be from qualified suppliers or online great B2B trade platform. Today we will discuss about this topic below,

Good Site Choice

Actually as the simple and first method, finding a site is always to make the most of people to feel headache. Because we have to consider many factors.

  • Ground Stability

This is important thing to be cared by you because the not stable ground will ruin your warm house as high rate. So normally we avoid to build the house on the ground with mucky soil, shifting sand or so on. Perhaps some contractors may consider to pile on this kinds of ground, but I suggest stable ground is always your best choice.

  • Natural Conditions

Climate always influences your life environment, normally we will choose the site far away the area with flood, hurricane, Tsunami and some other disasters to be happened usually. This is main reason that prevent more harm for residents.

  • Nearby Conditions

Normally we would like to choose the area with convenient facilities such as police station, good quality schools, supermarket for shopping and some good restaurants to taste savory foods, certainly, hospital or clinic is also considered.

Building Foundation

  • Excavation for The Plot

Related building workers have to survey the dimension of the foundation, then stake and prepare pile around the foundation.

  • Concrete Preparation

After the foundation and pile are ready, then as the second method, we need to pour the concrete into the foundation. Normally it will bear some weight, and concrete area should be wider than the wall of foundation such as the perimeter of house to distinguish ground and home.

  • Building lines and Floors

Workers have to prepare batter boards, corner stakes for each corner of the foundation. To Make sure the build lines are level and square, then to check by measuring corner to corner. Certainly, for floors, you may choose “pier and bean” or “slab on grade”.

Walls And Roof

The basic needs are housewrap, lumber, nails, adhesives and felt paper. After that, Carpenters will get ready to frame the house wall including ceiling, floor and roof skeleton. The next method is for install the doors, windows or maybe skylight as need after wall and roof frame has been built.

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