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Education About Medical Science(II)

At the present, despite the deadly outbreak, Uganda’s ministry of health states as almost 20,000 people cross the border each week, putting the country with high risk. “We have heard the disease is there, but we have to go out and trade. We are only a little scared about outbreak of Ebola because we have never seen anyone fall ill with Ebola where we go. There is only thing which we buy the merchandise and leave fast.” Jane Biira said. She, an Ugandan, goes to DRC at least twice per week for related charcoals sales and food bought back home. When Jane Biira and other local residents cross into Uganda, they get checked at screening points by health care workers and volunteers. Jane Biira said that we wash our hands and sterilize our feet every time when we reach to the boarder, then screen and let us pass.Steel Pipes Suppliers

“Although no Ebola cases have been found in Uganda, the symptom of Ebola can begin to three weeks.” Boaz Balimaka, a health care worker, said. “The virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever, killing at least half of those infected.” he added. Even during border checks and screenings, John Kandole, the head of the town council of Butogo, said that they feared Ebola might pass. John Kandole said “Somebody who comes from Congo, we do not shake with him by hands. Once he comes to buy anything, he buy then leave. And the money sometimes we have been fearing to get by truth.”

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda’s border town of Bundibugyo in 2007 as infected 149 people, killed 37 and took weeks to bring under control according to report.


Well, according to the above mention, we will know the outbreak of disease or plague influence many areas and resident’s life, exactly in Developing countries and underdeveloped countries. So the education of medical science will be very important to progress and develop in these countries. Because not only underdeveloped medical science will take bad effect to the area which the diseases have been propagated, but sometimes it also propagate to other countries.



National Science and Technology Conference and Expo(II)

The conference will include discussion sessions focused on nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals; investment in research and development across the region; science in solving global challenges; science education in meeting 21st century demands; and emerging technologies in health.Miss Curtis said that one of the highlights of the conference will be the staging of the ‘Young Scientists Driving Innovation’ competition.Winners will be recognised at the National Science and Innovations Awards to be held later in the week.

The conference will feature a keynote address by Director of Indigenous-based knowledge, technology and innovation at the Department of Science and Technology in South Africa, Dr. Aunkh H. Chabalala, who will speak about the role of traditional knowledge in supporting socio-economic development.”We are quite aware of the importance of indigenous knowledge, even in our own Jamaican society… and how we can translate that to practical use”, Miss Curtis explained. Dr. Charah Watson from the SRC will also present on how applied and basic research can support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Miss Curtis implored university students, lecturers and the average Jamaican to come out and be a part of the conference and exhibition.Partners in the staging of the event are the Ministry of Science and Technology (MS&T) and the National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST). The development of science and technology is so important to an country even to all of the world, this relates to the country’s economic development, and even relates to the prosperous and perish of a country.

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The Future of Manned Space in China

At the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened on the 6th, a large number of aerospace heavy equipments were unveiled. Among them, China’s space station core cabin, a new generation of manned spacecraft and a new generation of manned launch vehicles began their first public appearances. You can have a glimpse of the future of China’s manned space flight.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the core space of the China Space Station set off a hijab in the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group exhibition area to reveal the true content. The core cabin of the exhibition is a 1:1 process validation cabin, and its status is almost identical to the real core cabin.

The basic configuration of the China Space Station includes the core cabin, the experimental cabin I and the experimental cabin II. Each cabin has a scale of 20 tons, the combined mass of the three cabins is about 66 tons, the rated crew is 3 people, and the short-term passengers can reach 6 people. The core cabin is the main control section of the space station, the management and control center, and the main place for the astronauts to live.

The reporter learned from the five institutes of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the core cabin has three pairs of interfaces and two parking ports. The parking port is used to assemble the two experimental and core cabins to form a space station combination; the interface is used for manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft and other aircraft access space stations. There is also an out hatch for the astronauts to leave the cabin.

It is understood that the core cabin is equipped with a materialized regenerative life support system to reduce the replenishment demand for the loss of materials. China’s space station will use electric propulsion technology to reduce propellant consumption.

At the same time, the space station robot arm was also exhibited together. The robotic arm has precise operation and visual recognition capabilities, both autonomous and remote control by astronauts.

Facing the future development needs of China’s manned space flight, the Fifth Academy is demonstrating the development of a new generation of manned space reciprocating transport aircraft. Its scaled version was unveiled at this year’s air show.

The reporter learned from the Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the new generation of manned spacecraft is about 9 meters long and has a maximum launch weight of 23 tons. It adopts two cabin configurations: return cabin and service cabin. The return cabin is the astronaut cockpit, and is also the command center of the entire ship, and assumes the responsibility of returning to the atmosphere to return to the Earth; the service cabin has the function of providing orbital maneuvering power and orbital energy.

Based on the existing technology of China’s manned spaceflight project, the spacecraft has adopted a series of advanced technologies. The modular design of the spacecraft can accommodate a variety of tasks such as low-Earth orbit, manned lunar exploration and manned deep space exploration.

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Safety Glass

Safety glass, is also called laminated glass. This is very popular products and we may find safety glass applied everywhere. For instances, the windows of Bank, windshield of car or the windows of Department stores, certainly, sometimes we may install this kinds of safety glass at home. Let me tell you who invent this glass, and the safety glass was born by a chance.

Safety glass with its inventor

Safety glass is a kind of glass used in automobiles and buildings. It has good safety performance and can be seen almost everywhere. According to common sense, when the safety glass is broken, it will not form particles with sharp edges and corners, and the debris and granules will not splash, thus causing no harm to people. Inventor of safety glass, Frenchman Edward Benedictus. He is a man of jack of all trades but master of none. Before he was lucky enough to invent the safety glass, Benedictus was a celebrity of four identities – painter, composer, writer and chemist.


One day, he accidentally knocked an experimental flask off the shelf and heard a clear sound (we can imagine his surprise when he heard the broken sound). Benedictus climbed down the ladder and found that the flask was broken but not disintegrate and splash. After speaking to his assistant, Benedictus knew that the cellulose nitrate had been recently filled in the flask. Nitrocellulose is the adhesive used to stick broken glass and its debris together.

Safety glass born

Although Benedictus was aware of what he had discovered, he never expected the discovery to be so important. Inspired by a series of terrible car accidents, this laid back Benedictus found that the victims of these accidents were usually cut by windshield debris after car accidents. After that, he began to concentrate on his research, and finally invented Triplex after that. During World War I, the gas mask was based on Benedictus’s new invention. After discovering this material durable, the automobile industry began to manufacture Triplex windshield.

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Novelty in Nature

Nature is very funny and novelty because there are a lot of things waiting us to discover in nature. Well, both human’s development and social progress depend on nature exploration by human. Perhaps someone may think about there are some risks never known by human in nature. Certainly, for novelty in nature must be with some risk, but it never stop our pace to research and discover from nature. Hereby, there are some simple natural phenomenons as below, whether you feel so novelty?

Why can not the ostrich fly?

A large ostrich is a species of birds, but they can not fly to heaven. Not because their wings do not work, however because their feathers are too soft and their wings are too small to fly. The Ostrich’s wings cannot be suitable to fly. Besides, the muscles of the ostrich are also not developed and the sternum is flat so both of these reasons cannot help to fly. The ostriches live in Africa, and their bodies have evolved into what they are now because they have lived in desert areas for a long time.


Why is the tail of a lizard bouncing after broken ?

In order to protect themselves, many lizards utilize sematic colors to cover other eyes and ears, meanwhile some lizards will lose their tails by severe muscle contractions when attacked. Based on the fact that part of the nerve in the broken tail is still alive, it bounces and distracts the enemy’s attention in order to the lizards may escape successfully. Do not think their lives will end like this. Actually it will take only a few months and then their tails will grow back and continue to live.

Why do babies cry all the time when they are born?

Babies always cry when they are born, not because they are unhappy, however they are breathing the first air. When babies leave their mothers’ bodies and are born, the first breath of air they take rushes into their throats, which pounds the vocal cords violently, vibrating vocal cord and then making a cry-like sound.

Why can not the human’s thumb have one or three phalanges?

Normally the person has five fingers, and the fingers have different lengths. But did anyone notice that there were three sections for other fingers except the thumb with only two section? It turns out that its number coincides with the other four fingers. If in the three phalanges, the thumb will be so weak that it can not lift heavy objects. If the thumb with only one section, it will not be able to cooperate with the other four fingers to hold tightly and freely.

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Privacy Rocket is Launched in China

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, located in the depths of the Gobi Desert, is the earliest and largest integrated missile and satellite launch center in China, and the only manned space launch site in China at present. In the past 6 decades, 145 satellites, 11 spaceships and two space laboratories have been successfully launched at the Jiuquan satellite launch center. But by this time there is the first privacy rocket which has been launched from here successfully in September.


Who Made This Privacy Rocket

The privacy rocket is made from OneSpace, an technology Ltd was founded in October 11, 2016 in Beijing of China, legal representative Mr. Wu, the company’s business scope as aerospace technology development, technology transfer, technical advice, technical services, technical training, technical testing; launch vehicle and other spacecraft design and development; computer system services; application software services and so on.


Privacy Rocket Introduction

It is OS-X1 series sub-orbital rocket, named Chongqing Liangjiang Star, altitude 10.2 meters, diameter 0.85 meters, liftoff about 8.1 tons. Information without payload is available. According to statement of director of Onespace, every key points such as blasting off, separation of fairing and satellite rocket separation are all challenges and test.


The carrier rocket launched by this time carried three of cubic satellites. After entering the predetermined orbit, the rocket releases two of cubic satellites in turn, then entering the sub-orbit for flight test and one satellite had completed the recovery of parachute landing. This launch is also the first launch of the “one rocket, multi satellites” mission by China’s private commercial aerospace enterprises.


With the rapid development of space exploration technology companies in the United States, especially their rockets and cargo spacecraft undertook the relevant tasks of NASA and the International Space Station. Commercial space companies, especially private space companies participating in space launches, which is becoming a major development trend in the global space field. It is not the first time that China’s private space enterprises have launched rockets.

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