National Science and Technology Conference and Expo(II)

The conference will include discussion sessions focused on nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals; investment in research and development across the region; science in solving global challenges; science education in meeting 21st century demands; and emerging technologies in health.Miss Curtis said that one of the highlights of the conference will be the staging of the ‘Young Scientists Driving Innovation’ competition.Winners will be recognised at the National Science and Innovations Awards to be held later in the week.

The conference will feature a keynote address by Director of Indigenous-based knowledge, technology and innovation at the Department of Science and Technology in South Africa, Dr. Aunkh H. Chabalala, who will speak about the role of traditional knowledge in supporting socio-economic development.”We are quite aware of the importance of indigenous knowledge, even in our own Jamaican society… and how we can translate that to practical use”, Miss Curtis explained. Dr. Charah Watson from the SRC will also present on how applied and basic research can support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Miss Curtis implored university students, lecturers and the average Jamaican to come out and be a part of the conference and exhibition.Partners in the staging of the event are the Ministry of Science and Technology (MS&T) and the National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST). The development of science and technology is so important to an country even to all of the world, this relates to the country’s economic development, and even relates to the prosperous and perish of a country.

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