For Marketing, You Must Focused On Some Customer Demand Analysis(I)

As senior marketers, you have to grasp related market’s demand such as Negative Demand, No Demand, Latent Demand, Falling Demand, Irregular Demand, Full Demand, Overfull Demand, Unwholesome Demand, etc. These basic theory and practices may help marketers to plan correct marketing methods as tend to succession. The marketing plan according its demand analysis will be correct to depend on demand-orientation to help enterprises with successful future sales. Following is related customers’ demand analysis of description and explanation.check here

Negative Demand

Negative demand refers to the fact that many customers in the market do not like certain products or services. For example, many elderly people do not dare to eat dessert and fat to prevent various elderly diseases.check here For example, some customers do not dare to fly because they are afraid of taking risks, or they do not dare to buy chemical clothing because they are afraid of harming their health by toxic substances from chemical fibres and textiles.

The task of marketing management is to analyze why people don’t like these products, redesign products and order prices to meet the needs of target customers, make more active sales promotion, or change customers’ beliefs about certain products or services, such as promoting brain blood circulation by propagating that the elderly can eat sweets properly, check here and the probability of accidents by plane is relatively small.

Changing negative demand into positive demand is called changing marketing.

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