PV module creation process

omega profile supplier The photovoltaic platform rooftop framework was worked in the beginning period, focusing on the structure kind of the rooftop, and the tile structure is as yet the shading steel tile. Set up the fundamental estimation and assessment instruments. Comprehend the important data for the development, acquire the house structure guide, and help to compute definite parameters, for example, rooftop load.

Recognize the direction and direction of the rooftop, the slanted viewpoint,, etc. The size of the rooftop structure, for example, the tile type, the tile scale, the measurements and separation of the principle pillar, the shaft, etc. Completely review and develop the encompassing condition, for example, deterrents. Comprehend future arranging between districts to encourage long haul utilization of the stent framework.

PV module creation process:

The initial step of single-chip binding: patching the cell sheets to the interconnect strips (tin-covered copper strips) to set up the arrangement of cells.

The second step of arrangement welding: the battery pieces are associated in arrangement as per a specific number.

The third step of cover: the battery string keeps on being associated, and the battery is ensured by glass, EVA film, and TPT back plate.

The fourth step of cover: the cell sheet and glass, EVA film, TPT back sheet are reinforced together under certain temperature, weight and vacuum conditions.

Stage 5: Frame the glass with an aluminum outline for simple establishment.

Stage 6 Cleaning: Ensure the presence of the segments.

Stage 7 Electrical Performance Test: Test the protection execution and power age of the segments

At last bundled into the distribution center.

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