Education About Medical Science(II)

At the present, despite the deadly outbreak, Uganda’s ministry of health states as almost 20,000 people cross the border each week, putting the country with high risk. “We have heard the disease is there, but we have to go out and trade. We are only a little scared about outbreak of Ebola because we have never seen anyone fall ill with Ebola where we go. There is only thing which we buy the merchandise and leave fast.” Jane Biira said. She, an Ugandan, goes to DRC at least twice per week for related charcoals sales and food bought back home. When Jane Biira and other local residents cross into Uganda, they get checked at screening points by health care workers and volunteers. Jane Biira said that we wash our hands and sterilize our feet every time when we reach to the boarder, then screen and let us pass.Steel Pipes Suppliers

“Although no Ebola cases have been found in Uganda, the symptom of Ebola can begin to three weeks.” Boaz Balimaka, a health care worker, said. “The virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever, killing at least half of those infected.” he added. Even during border checks and screenings, John Kandole, the head of the town council of Butogo, said that they feared Ebola might pass. John Kandole said “Somebody who comes from Congo, we do not shake with him by hands. Once he comes to buy anything, he buy then leave. And the money sometimes we have been fearing to get by truth.”

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda’s border town of Bundibugyo in 2007 as infected 149 people, killed 37 and took weeks to bring under control according to report.


Well, according to the above mention, we will know the outbreak of disease or plague influence many areas and resident’s life, exactly in Developing countries and underdeveloped countries. So the education of medical science will be very important to progress and develop in these countries. Because not only underdeveloped medical science will take bad effect to the area which the diseases have been propagated, but sometimes it also propagate to other countries.



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