Pantheon in Italy(II)

Architectural features

The Pantheon adopts the centralized form of dome covering. The reconstructed Pantheon is the representative of single space and centralized architecture, and it is also the highest representative of Roman dome technology. The Pantheon is round, with a diameter of 43.3 meters and a height of 43.3 meters. According to the concept of the time, the dome symbolizes the sky. In the center of the dome is a garden hole with 8.9 meters in diameter, which may imply some connection between the world of God and the world of here

The exterior wall is divided into three layers, click the lower layer is covered with white marble, the upper two layers are plastered, and the third layer may be decorated with thin-walled columns. The lower two layers are walls, and the third layer wrapped the lower part of the dome, so the dome is not completely represented out.

It is said that the Pantheon is the first Roman building that pays more attention to interior decoration than exterior sculpture, but some of the original bronze and marble sculptures are lost to foreign looting or transfer to later Roman buildings, and the exterior magnificent rutile has disappeared, losing its former elegance already.

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