Hi, Financial Risk Manager(I)

Financial Risk Manager FRM is a qualification certification in the field of global financial risk management developed by the Global Association of Risk Management Professionals (GARP) of the United States. GARP is one of the world’s largest financial associations with 48,000 FRM holders and 150,000 members from more than 150 countries, serving more than 7,500 banks, securities companies, academic institutions, government agencies, asset management agencies, insurance companies and non-financial companies.check here


Risk management covers many fields, including quantitative analysis, market risk,check here credit risk, operational risk, fund investment risk, accounting, law, etc. In today’s complex and rapidly changing financial markets, risk is often difficult to grasp.

When financial market is in trouble or crisis occurs, effective risk management often becomes an important key to the success of enterprises. This important decision-making, which concerns the fate of enterprises and their investors, requires the participation of many financial risk management professionals. check here Therefore, FRM has been paid more and more attention. The number of global applicants has grown by more than 38% annually, and it has become an international risk management certificate that attracts worldwide attention.


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