Must Web Security Be With Password? I

Using secure, hard-to-guess passwords can make it difficult for malicious hackers to invade your computer. Be sure to avoid using easy-to-guess passwords and change them in different ways, which makes it easy for you to remember them and difficult for others to guess them. As for password security, it still depends on the level of protection to be achieved. There are no absolutely safe passwords in the world, only passwords that are not worth cracking.check here


How to Set Password

Wireless Encryption

Choose the newer wpa2-psk, otherwise you can crack the old WEP encryption mode in a few minutes with professional software.


Increasing Password Strength

At least 8 digits, changing the password every once in a while. check here It contains three or more of the four types of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols. This is mainly to increase the difficulty of violent cracking.


Mac Address Binding and Closing DHCP

Let other people connect to the router also not gain IP address.check here


Turn off SSID broadcasting

Shut down SSID broadcasting so that others can’t see their own network. Put things right once and for all.


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